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Department of Art Mission Statement

The Henderson State University Department of Art fosters the maximum growth and development of each student by providing them with a stimulating nurturing and well-equipped environment that will enable them: 


  • To develop a capacity for honest self-assessment and to view art with critical integrity;
  • To speak and write effectively and to become visually literate;
  • To approach art making, art history and art education with an appreciation of the complexity and diversity of world cultures;
  • To understand the technology, tools, materials and processes involved in the production of art;
  • To produce ethical citizens who are advocates for art in society and who recognize art as a vehicle for social and personal awareness;
  • To acquire mastery in their chosen area of Art;
  • To promote growth and adventurous exploration of media and concept;
  • To mature intellectually, emotional, and physically as individuals and as artists;

The challenge accepted by the Art faculty is to help students build a bridge to the future based firmly on knowledge and an appreciation of the arts, sciences, languages, and literature, philosophy, history and world cultures. We involve them in artistic problem solving and critical independent thinking skills thus enabling them to participate as partners in the learning process. The Art faculty is dedicated to excellence in the teaching and success through positive student outcomes.

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