November 7, 2011 minutes

Henderson State University Assessment Team
Meeting Minutes
Dawson Room, 4:00 p.m.
November 7, 2011


Present: Blake Smith, Lenette Jones, Vernon Miles, Brett Serviss, Phillip Schroeder, Joyce Shepherd, Karen Spradlin, Bob Yehl, Ginger Otwell, Wrenette Tedder and Margaret Hoskins

Absent: Chad Fielding, Debra Coventry, Lecia Franklin, Bernie Hellums, and Pam Ligon

Next Meeting: Monday, November 21, 2011

Chair Phillip Schroeder called the meeting to order at 4:00 p.m.

The Team discussed possible processes for representing units that might be considered for future implementation.
     a. Possible processes are that unit representatives might:
          i. post regular office hours for colleagues to discuss any assessment issues or questions they may have.
          ii. schedule regular meeting times with those responsible for assessment in their unit.
          iii. email regularly to those responsible within their unit asking if help or assistance is needed.
          iv. initiate direct contact with those responsible for assessment in their unit.
          v. prepare a one- or two- page newsletter in electronic format for the unit represented.
     b. The purpose of the activities listed in “a” would be to take a more proactive approach to assessment activities and potential problems rather than focusing on correcting problems after they occur.
     c. If the activities listed above were implemented, the Assessment Team would be required to meet only once per month or twice per semester.

Evaluations of assessment plans and results for administrative units were discussed.
     a. There are two teams evaluating administrative unit assessment activities. One team is comprised of Pam, Lisa, and Karen. The other team is comprised of Lenette, Blake, and Ginger.
     b. The assessment plans and results have been given to the two teams.
     c. The deadline to have the evaluations back to Wrenette is Tuesday, November 22.

Evaluation choices for the Academic Assessment Award were discussed.
     a. Three areas were selected from Debra’s team. Brett Serviss has the binder for his team. He and Phillip will select the three outstanding units in their binder.
     b. When the five or six outstanding academic units are selected, each member of the Assessment Team will score each one using the rubric developed for this purpose. After members have evaluated each unit, they will vote on the unit they think deserves the Academic Assessment Award.

The Team discussed the Assessment Team Webpage proposal.
     a. The Team discussed whether the Webpage should be located within or MyHenderson. If located on, the Webpage would be viewable by anyone; if it is located on MyHenderson, it will be viewable by employees only. The Team concluded that for purposes of transparency and for future accreditation purposes, the webpage should be included on the website and accessible by anyone.
     b. The outline for the Webpage is presented in Appendix A.
     c. The Webpage should be completed by the end of the semester.

The Team discussed the history of assessment at HSU.
     a. A timeline was prepared previously for the HLC. This timeline, which is complete through 2007, is presented in Appendix B.
     b. A subcommittee was appointed to update the timeline through 2011. The subcommittee consists of Karen, Blake, and Bob.
     c. The subcommittee will meet to brainstorm ideas about how to capture what has transpired from 2007-2011. Possibilities include interviewing people who have been involved with assessment from the very beginning and interviewing Wrenette.

The General Education Committee has made excellent progress during the last two weeks toward developing an assessment plan for the Liberal Arts Core. They have developed three goals and objectives and have adopted rubrics to measure learning outcomes. The goals will be assessed on a rotating basis. This fall, the following assessment activities will be implemented for the Liberal Arts Core:
     a. Oral and written communications skills will be measured.
     b. The ETS Freshman Proficiency Profile will be administered.
Dr. Miles asked Team members to thank the General Education Committee for their hard work over the past several weeks. Team members are very pleased that this has been accomplished.

The Faculty Senate voted to support the University Assessment Plan. The Plan will be presented to the Board of Trustees in January.

Appendix A: Assessment Team Handbook Committee Minutes
October 7, 2011

Present: Phillip Schroeder, Brett Serviss, Deb Coventry, Pam Ligon

Absent: Wrenette Tedder and Bernie Hellums

The Assessment Team Handbook Committee met to discuss and map the progress of compiling assessment information for the web site. Phillip suggested a link to the University Assessment Team be available on Henderson’s home page. Information to include:
The University Assessment Team
     1. Procedures
     2. Assessment Plan for the Assessment Team
     3. Academic Team Members and biographies
     4. Administrative Team Members and biographies
     5. Minutes of Assessment Team Meetings
Assessment Evaluation Instruments
     1. Instruments used to evaluate unit academic and administrative assessment plans
     2. Instruments used to evaluate a completed assessment cycle
Assessment Documents for Units
     1. Assessment At a Glance
     2. Assessment Quick Reference Guide
     3. Assessment Definitions
     4. Sample Rubrics for common learning goals 
Assessment Planning Guide
Assessment Newsletter
Assessment Training PowerPoint Presentations
History of Assessment at Henderson State University with Timeline
Assessment Awards
     1. Evaluation Rubric
     2. Award Recipients
Henderson State University Assessment Plan

Brett will work with Reid Joiner and Penny Murphy to request a page to be prepared for the Assessment Team in addition to access and editing privileges to and for the Assessment Team webpage.

The next meeting will be October 21, 2011, at 2:00 p.m.

The meeting adjourned at 3:20 p.m.

Appendix B:
Henderson State University
Assessment Timeline

Academic Year Specific Time Activity
2000-2001 Feb 2001 HLC states need for focused visit on assessment
2000-2001 Teachers College, Henderson implemented an assessment system which included performance measures of the Praxis III: Pathwise domain and sub-domain variables
2001-2002 President charged the deans and vice presidents with developing assessment programs in their respective areas. However, it was determined later that year this strategy was unlikely to produce a quality assessment program
2001-2002 August 2001 The School of Business developed an Assessment Plan for continuous improvement
2001-2002 Fall 2001 The School of Business adopted the Major Field Achievement Test in Business (BAT) to assess mastery of concepts, principles, and knowledge for continuous improvement
2001-2002 September 2001 Administration addressed the need for a university assessment program and also the development of a measurement tool to gauge the success or lack of success in general education during a planning retreat
2001-2002 December 2001 President addressed Board of Trustees on the importance of student learning assessment and the employment of a coordinator to oversee the important process
2001-2002 Department of Psychology submitted a program review with student outcomes and program improvement
2002-2003 Fall 2002 Assessment speaker makes presentation (11)
Dr. Denise Watts, Director of Institutional Effectiveness, University of Montevallo –all full-time faculty and administrative personnel were required to attend
2002-2003 August 2002 President addressed Board of Trustees on recent assessment workshop. Goals were to be identified and progress monitored to determine success or failure in achieving the goals.
2002-2003 September 2002 Review of University Mission Statement began
2002-2003 Fall 2002 Teachers College, Henderson created the TCH Assessment Committee
2002-2003 November 2002 General Education Program Review was submitted with student outcomes and program improvement
2002-2003 Spring 2002 The School of Business administered a survey to alumni to see the strengths and weaknesses of the program.
2002-2003 Spring 2002 Approval of revised University Mission Statement
2002-2003 March 2003 Office of Assessment and Research established
2002-2003 Summer 2003 Director of Assessment drafted University Assessment Plan
2002-2003 Summer 2003 Director of Assessment, Associate Dean of Field Experiences and Teacher Education Program, Dean of Teachers College, and Chair of TCH Assessment Committee began developing the TCH Assessment Database
2003-2004 August 2003 University Assessment Team established
2003-2004 Early fall 2003 Director of Assessment makes presentation on assessment at “Back to School” session; assessment plan distributed to all faculty
2003-2004 Fall 2003 Director of Assessment developed and printed the first “Assessment Brief”
2003-2004 Director of Assessment and University Assessment Team developed a “strong program” to look at student learning. Henderson did not attempt to create a new program, but replicated validated systems to reduce the learning curve. The program developed used accepted and proven principals, procedures, and models from existing programs which were previously approved by their accrediting body. While subject to constant improvement, this program eliminated many obstacles and shortcomings of a do-it-yourself approach
2003-2004 Fall 2003 Director of Assessment and Teachers College Associate Dean developed and implemented survey instruments on ISTE standards
2003-2004 Fall 2003 Director of Assessment and University Assessment Team developed a policy, timeline, and instrument to use in the review process
2003-2004 Fall 2003 The Office of Assessment and Research developed an assessment plan
2003-2004 November 2003 Director of Assessment presented all day assessment workshop to the community and university relation departments
2003-2004 Director of Assessment visits with 10 departments. 85% have plan; only two closed the loop.
2003-2004 Summer 2004 Director of Assessment and the Graduate Council developed and implemented a Graduate School Exit Survey
2004-2005 November 2004 Forty members of the Henderson community developed specific plans during a Strategic Planning Retreat
2004-2005 Spring 2005 Strategic Planning Taskforces developed recommendations
2004-2005 Spring 2005 Revised assessment plan incorporating strategic plan developed?
The Assessment Team reviewed the University Assessment Plan to adapt it to fit the administrative units as well as the academic.
2004-2005 April 2005 Director of Assessment and Assessment Team member, Ginger Otwell, attended assessment workshop presented by Thomas A. Angelo
2004-2005 May 2005 Director of Assessment and Assessment Team member, Bruce Smith, attended assessment workshop presented by Jeff Seybert
2004-2005 June 2005 Assessment Team attends AAHE/HLC assessment workshop.
2004-2005 Summer Strategic Planning Report was approved and changes were made to the University Plan to encompass the strategic goals of the university
2005-2006 45 scheduled one on one meetings with 21 departments
2005-2006 Summer 2005 Purchase of TracDat
2005-2006 Early fall 2005 Assessment Team presentation and panel discussion during “Back to School” session
2005-2006 Fall 2005 iWebfolio was introduced as a measurement tool for student learning
2005-2006 Fall 2005 Assessment Team developed the Student Learning Outcome Statement
2005-2006 Fall 2005 12 training sessions on TracDat for 22 faculty and 39 staff. Each session consisted of 1 ½ hours on developing an assessment plan and closing the loop. The next half hour was spent on the use of TracDat.
2005-2006 Spring 2006 The Assessment Team hosted two Faculty Roundtable Discussions
2005-2006 Spring 2006 The Assessment Team hosted one Staff Roundtable Discussion
2005-2006 Spring 2006 The Assessment Team produced two “Assessment Brief” newsletters
2005-2006 Spring 2006 12 two-hour training sessions. There were three types of sessions held. One was designed to begin development of an assessment plan. The second type was a refresher session and the last was on collecting the data and analyzing to make changes to the department. Sixteen faculty and staff members attended these sessions.
2006-2007 Spring 2006 Director of Assessment and Computer Services developed a CAAP database to allow for assessment of general education
2006-2007 August 2006 External consultant, Peggy Maki, meets with key faculty, staff, and administration to develop stronger assessment plan
2006-2007 Fall 2006 Director one-on-one with 15 units
AY2004-AY2007 “over the past three years” • Faculty and staff offered opportunity for professional development in assessment
     • Eight assessment team members attended the AAHE/HLC assessment workshop in Chicago (June 2005)
     • Two Assessment team members attended assessment workshop presented by Thomas A. Angelo (April 2005)
     • Two assessment team members attended assessment workshop presented by Jeff Seybert (May 2005)
     • Student Service staff members attended assessment workshops at SWACUHO
     • Student Service staff member attended the session “The American Freshman/The American Graduate: Findings from 35 years of Higher Education Research Institute Survey Data” at the 2004 Arkansas College Personnel Association
     • Student Service staff member attended the session “Keep your Eyes on the Prize: Make Assessment Work for “Inclusive Excellence” at the 2006 Arkansas College Personnel Association
     • Student Services staff member attended assessment workshops at the following conferences: 
          a. CPA, November 18, 19, 2004 
          b. ACPA, May 18, 2005 
          c. AACE, Assessment workshop, April 21, 2005 
          d. ACPA, November 17-18, 2005
     • University and Community Relations staff member attended “Successful Program Assessment: Design and Implementation at the 2003 Forum (May 2003)
     • University and Community Relations staff member attended the NASPA Drive-In Assessment Workshop (August 2003)
     • University and Community Relations staff members attended “Creating a Successful Program Assessment System” at the SAIR conference (October 2003)
     • University and Community Relations staff members attended “The Integration of Planning, Program/Service Review, Assessment, and Budgeting” at the SAIR conference (October 2005)
AY2004-AY2007 “over the past three years” Director of Assessment presents several workshops on assessment
The director of assessment has held 34 workshops on campus since 2004. It has been attended by 569 faculty and staff members.



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