October 25, 2010 minutes

Henderson State University Assessment Team
Meeting Minutes
October 25, 2010

Present: Wrenette Tedder, Ginger Otwell, Phillip Schroeder, Lecia Franklin, Margaret Hoskins, Bob Yehl, Brett Serviss, Karen Spradlin, Lenette Bailey-Jones, Debra Coventry, and Hope Warner

Absent: Pam Ligon, Jeff Bailey, Bernie Hellums, Joyce Shepherd, Chad Fielding

Guest: Vernon Miles

Next Meeting: ?????

Hope Warner, the Graduate Student representative, was introduced to the Team. It was also noted that Ms. Warner was not notified of the last meeting so she should not be shown as absent.

The Assessment Awards Luncheon committee was asked for an update on the upcoming luncheon. The members contacted the Captain Henderson House as a possible place to hold the luncheon but were told that Henderson House could not do a sit down luncheon for more than 12 people. Since the luncheon will be for a minimum of 30 people, they were asked to contact Aramark and get a cost and list of places the luncheon could be held. The committee was also asked to get a final count of who is to be invited to the luncheon. 

Dr. Miles stated that he would write an official letter to the departments being awarded this year and then would send out a campus-wide e-mail letting everyone know about the award. He asked that the date and time for the luncheon be set before he writes the letters and e-mail. The committee is looking at the week before the Thanksgiving break. 

Wrenette Tedder gave an update on the units needing assistance from the members of the assessment Team. First, Ms. Tedder discussed the ranking system she has for the plans.
     1. 0-1 – Either no plan is in place or the plan is incomplete
     2. 2-3 – plan is missing the criteria
     3. 3.5 – plan is almost perfect

There are 7 units that fall in the 0-1 rank. These include: MLA, Honors College, Spanish, Human Services, Sociology, MAT, and English. Ms. Tedder informed the team that Human Services and Sociology will be combining their plans. She also informed the team that MLA and Honors College are resistant to the assessment process. 

There are 31 units that fall in the 2-3 rank and 6 that are in the 3.5 rank. Team members suggested that a way to motivate some of the units in the 2-3 rank would be to highlight the 6 units in the 3.5 rank on the website. 

The Team recommended that Ms. Tedder make specific appointments with the individuals responsible for the 7 units mentioned above to discuss their plans, or lack thereof. Team members also asked that Dr. Miles follow up with an e-mail to the 7 units emphasizing the need for their area to get on board with assessment.

Ms. Tedder also asked the Team about releasing the Assessment plans and results to various Higher Learning Commission sub-committees on our campus. The Team voted that both the plans and results could be released to the sub-committees on campus but the results could not be released to outside parties at this time.

Dr. Schroeder stated that the next Assessment newsletter is scheduled for a February 1 release date. He asked that Brett Serviss provide a short article on the assessment award rubric that will be used next year for the assessment awards. He also asked for a volunteer to get sound bites from this year’s award winners for an article. Pam Ligon volunteered to do this. Lenette Bailey-Jones was asked to do an article from the perspective of being new to the team. Several team members also asked that an article be done on the team members – bio of number of years served on the team, where they are located, and what units they represent. This will help departments understand who they can go to and ask questions.

The meeting was adjourned at 4:37 p.m.


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