March 31, 2010 minutes

Henderson State University Assessment Team
Meeting Minutes
March 31, 2010

Present: Wrenette Tedder, Ginger Otwell, Phillip Schroeder, Lecia Franklin, Margaret Hoskins, Bob Yehl, Matthew Kirkpatrick, Brett Serviss, Karen Spradlin, and Debra Coventry

Absent: David Thigpen, Bernie Hellums, Pam Ligon, Jeff Bailey

Guest: Vernon Miles

Next Meeting: April 28, 2010, 4:00 p.m., Dawson Room

Wrenette Tedder handed out a list of upcoming meeting dates. She stated that the May 5th date is a tentative date at this time. All upcoming meetings will be held in the Dawson Room at 4:00 p.m.

Wrenette Tedder gave the team members a printout listing all assessment units and noted the departments have been met with and/or scheduled their meeting. Wrenette, various team members and Dr. Miles have met with 6 academic departments to discuss their current assessment plans. She has 4 academic departments scheduled to meet with after today. This leaves 13 academic departments to schedule meeting with. Dr. Miles asked Wrenette to e-mail the remaining 13 departments and cc him so that he could send out a follow-up e-mail to these departments. 

Wrenette Tedder stated that she and several team members have met with 8 non-academic departments and currently have 2 more departments schedule to meet. She stated that she will concentrate on the remaining 23 non-academic departments during the summer. 

Wrenette Tedder also handed out a list of upcoming scheduled department meetings and asked for volunteers to attend these meeting with her. 

Various members stated that they felt well received at the department meetings they have attended. The departments seemed to be complimentary of the time and effort the university assessment team. There seemed to be a changed in attitudes toward assessment after meeting with the departments. The departments feel that they have a better understanding of what is being asked of them. They also now realize that they already do most of the assessment. By meeting with the whole department instead of just the assessment coordinator for the program it has become more of a department effort. 

Wrenette Tedder stated that she has informed each department she has met with that the major changes will not be required until the fall semester. Minor changes will need to be made now.

Discussion was held regarding changing the dates in the assessment cycle. The idea behind the change is to get the cycle more in line with the budget process. Departments want to be able to use their data to ask for items in the budget. After a lot of discussion it was decided to leave the assessment cycle as it is at this time.

The meeting was adjourned at 4:52 p.m.



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