January 27, 2010 minutes

Henderson State University Assessment Team
January 27, 2010

Present: Ginger Otwell, Phillip Schroeder, Lecia Franklin, Margaret Hoskins, Bob Yehl, David Thigpen, Bernie Hellums, Matthew Kirkpatrick, Brett Serviss, Karen Spradlin, Debra Coventry, Jeff Bailey, and Wrenette Tedder

Absent: Pam Ligon

Guest: Vernon Miles

Next Meeting: February 10, 2010

Debra Coventry has joined the Team.

Dr. Miles addressed the Campus Climate Survey. 136 full-time faculty, 12 adjuncts, 68 classified staff, 46 non-classified staff, 18 administrators, and 274 students. Of the students 42 freshmen, 28 sophomores, 61 juniors, 62 seniors, and 77 graduate students. Approximately 1000 comments were made. Wrenette Tedder, Jennifer Holbrook, Angela Boswell, and Dr. Miles looked over the comments to edit out highly inflammatory, slanderous comments about individuals or departments. Not one of the comments being edited out involves the president or provost. Comments are groups by subject matter. Dr. Miles hopes to have the survey results out to everyone by next week.

The NSSE survey is being sent out to freshmen and seniors within the next couple of weeks. The initial letter was sent today from Dr. Welch to the students being surveyed asking them to complete the survey. Ms. Tedder will send an e-mail out by tomorrow to these same students. The questions they are asked will be about student engagement and satisfaction of students with Henderson. We currently compare our results to COPLAC schools and to schools similar to ourselves. Two prizes will be given out: IPOD Touch and Playstation 3. Updates will be given periodically to the Team regarding the response rate. Henderson can use some of the questions in the NSSE survey in the Higher Learning Commission documentation. You can see the results of previous NSSE surveys at www.hsu.edu/NSSE

Dr. Miles asked if Henderson ever had the students complete a satisfaction survey in the past. Wrenette Tedder stated Henderson has done some surveying; however, we would like to do more of this type of surveying. Dr. Miles asked Ms. Tedder to look into the cost for these futures.

Phillip Schroeder reiterated the four goals of the Assessment Team:
     1. Engage ourselves in assessment process
     2. Solicit additional members to help with the process to increase the visibility of the assessment team
     3. Communication
     4. Documentation of the Team in order to fulfill the expectations of the Higher Learning Commission 

Phillip Schroeder asked about workshops. Ms. Tedder stated that she did workshops in the fall semester; however, more workshops need to be held on the major components of the cycles. Not many people have attended the workshops. Ms. Tedder met with 7 departments and Dr. Schroeder met with 4 departments. Compliance rate has increase significantly from last year to this year. 

Ms. Tedder stated that she has completed the assessment evaluation sheets for each academic assessment plan. The plans are with Dr. Miles to be reviewed so that we don’t go back to the departments with nitpicky items. I’m hoping to meet with the whole departments to go over the plans once I get them back from Dr. Miles. Dr. Miles stated that most of them are good. Most departments just want to be told what to do. Ms. Tedder stated that if the Team could sit down with the department, go over their plan and make suggestions on how to state things in a different way, they could improve their plans.

Wrenette Tedder stated that a lot of the departments use grades or indirect surveys in their plan methods. The HLC won’t look at are indirect surveys and grades; therefore, the departments need to have another method if they use one of these. Margaret Hoskins stated that most faculty just want to be told what to do and how to do it. 

Wrenette Tedder stated that if she can get out to the departments and help them improve their plans then this will help with the Team’s communication efforts.

Phillip Schroeder stated that if we can change the cultural perspective of the assessment issue we can accomplish our efforts. The long-term goal of the assessment team is after we are successful with HLC accreditation the Team will shift some of the responsibilities back to the colleges. 

Phillip Schroeder asked the faculty members to take an hour or two to help Ms. Tedder when she attends the faculty meetings. He stated that faculty seemed to respond better when a faculty member is in attendance. Dr. Miles stated that possibly one member from each assessment plan group attend the workshops so that if there is a question from a specific department the member who assessed the plan can answer the question. 

Ms. Tedder stated that she was asked by Bobby Jones if she ever sent the assessment results out to the Vice Presidents and Deans. She stated that she did send out the results one year and was told that it was a waste of paper and that if someone wanted to look at the results they could go on-line and read the results themselves. 

Phillip Schroeder suggested that we offer recognition of departments with successful assessment plans. Wrenette Tedder stated that we are at the point where we have a few academic and non-academic departments who could be recognized. Dr. Miles asked if annual prizes could be given. Wrenette Tedder stated that she had asked in the past for money to buy prizes and it was shot down. A luncheon for those being recognized was suggested. Dr. Miles said this may be possible. 

Brett Serviss reiterated that the Team must make sure we let departments know that we see the efforts they are making to assess. This will go a long way in our communication efforts. 

Wrenette Tedder stated that the assessment plans will need to be published on-line to meet HLC requirements. This may not go over well with some of the departments; however, Henderson does not have a choice in this requirement. The results and the changes will also have to be published on each plan. 

Phillip Schroeder asked that a couple of people be responsible for gathering the minutes, agendas, etc. in preparation for the upcoming HLC accreditation visit. These people will be relieved of some other duties on the Team. He suggested that one of these people either be Ginger Otwell or Pam Ligon.

Wrenette Tedded stated that a timeline of what the Team has done each year must also be developed. This timeline will show the efforts of the Team in promoting assessment among employees and students. We have the timeline prior to the HLC focus visit; however, it hasn’t be updated since the visit. The Team handouts must also be collected for the visit. We need to collect ample evidence showing we are promoting the assessment culture.

The meeting was adjourned at 5:10 p.m.


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