November 12, 2008 minutes

Henderson State University Assessment Team
Meeting Minutes
November 12, 2008


Present: Wrenette Tedder, Ginger Otwell, Lecia Franklin, Megan Harness, Patricia Weaver, Phillip Schroeder, Karen Spradlin, Bob Yehl, and Nathan Campbell

Absent: Pam Ligon, Lauren Watters, Angie Bell

Guest: Dr. Vernon Miles, Provost

Next Meeting: December 3, 2008, 3:00 p.m., Room TBA

Due to the resignation of Dr. Margaret Hoskins as Chair of the University Assessment Team, nominations were held to elect a new chair. Dr. Phillip Schroeder was nominated for the chair’s position. The motion was made and seconded to accept the nomination. Dr. Schroeder was elected the new Chair of the University Assessment Team.

Dr. Nathan Campbell was welcomed to the Team. He is replacing Dr. Hoskins, who represented the School of Business.

Dr. Schroeder asked that the minutes for the meeting be sent to the Team within a week of each meeting to be looked over and edited. The minutes will then go to faculty and staff.

Wrenette Tedder welcomed Dr. Miles, Provost, to the meeting. She explained that she would like to find out how Dr. Miles would like the Team to proceed.

Dr. Miles stated that there is Higher Learning Commission meeting in Chicago in April that some of the team members may want to attend. Wrenette Tedder will be sending out the information on the meeting.

Dr. Schroeder wanted each team member to present a list of their strengths in the area of assessment at the next meeting.

Ms. Tedder gave a recap of what has happened in assessment so far. She stated that one of the priorities this year needs to be having more departments complete their assessment plans.

Dr. Miles stated that by the time the Higher Learning Commission came for their visit that we need to try and have 100% participation by all departments. We need to explain to departments that the assessment is not only to meet HLC purposes but to see how well we are doing within our programs. The process will give the departments information on what changes might be necessary to improve their programs. 

Dr. Miles asked if there was a budget currently set up for assessment purposes. According to Ms. Tedder, there is no budget at this time. Dr. Miles stated that a budget needs to be set up to fund the upcoming HLC visit and the assessment needs prior to their visit. He said he would get with Dr. Welch to set the budget up. 

Dr. Miles asked when the last revision of the HLC standards was. Ms. Tedder stated that the last revision was in 2003. 

Dr. Miles will be meeting with the President’s Cabinet to discuss what the Team needs to be doing in regards to assessment. 

Dr. Miles wanted to know what the assessment process entailed and the specifics were discussed in the meeting. Dr. Miles will be meeting with Ms. Tedder to get a list of the departments who have errors on their plans and then Dr. Miles, Ms. Tedder and Dr.Schroeder will meet with these departments to discuss what needs to be done. 

Dr. Miles wanted to know if any of the departments were using the information they gathered during the assessment process to make changes. Ms. Tedder stated that some of the departments are doing this. 

Dr. Miles stated that the Team needs to start working with the departments in the worst shape to get them up to date but that we need to also keep encouraging those departments who are meeting the goals also. 

Dr. Miles suggested that the Team pick the plans that need the most help and review them first. The next year a department would be chosen to review (i.e., School of Business, Teacher’s College, Ellis College). It is best not to do random sampling at this time. 

Dr. Schroeder stated that the biggest problem we face right now is creating a culture of assessment. There is so much resistance to doing assessment on campus. Dr. Miles said that the Team needs to communicate more on how to do assessment and why it is necessary. One possibility might be open forums to discuss assessment. 

Dr. Miles said that he would look at the structure of the assessment team over the next year and what the responsibility of the team would be. 

Dr. Patricia Weaver asked to look over the Teacher’s College plans to see what they have so she can get the departments to working on their plans. Ms. Tedder stated that she would meet with Dr. Weaver to go over the plans. She also stated that Dr. Judy Harrison, Dean of Teacher’s College, entered all the data into the plans this past year due to the retirements that occurred in December 2007. 

Ms. Tedder mentioned that the General Education Committee does not have an assessment plan in the system. Dr. Miles asked that Ms. Tedder, Dr. Schroeder and himself set a meeting with Dr. Maralyn Sommer, Dean of Ellis College, to discuss what is happening with General Education. 

Dr. Miles stated the he had four tasks regarding assessment and the Team: 
     1. Look at the structure of assessment and the budget and get with Dr. Welch regarding this
     2. Find out who the point person on the Cabinet is for assessment 
     3. Isolate a budget in anticipation of the upcoming HLC visit
     4. Get clarification on General Education and the General Education Committee. 

Dr. Schroeder and Ms. Tedder stated that there may be a need for more faculty members on the Team. Also, the current members may need to stay on the Team until after the HLC visit. Dr. Schroeder also asked if there was a possibility of releasing him from other university committees so he could devote his time to the assessment team. 

Dr. Miles discussed the role of the students on the Team. The students are to help generate ideas for the Team. They also need to look at the outcomes and if they think the outcomes can’t be assessed then they need to let the Team know.

The next meeting was set for December 3rd, at 3:00 p.m.

The meeting was adjourned at 4:46 p.m.


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