October 29, 2008 minutes

Henderson State University Assessment Team
Meeting Minutes
October 29, 2008

Present: Wrenette Tedder, Lecia Franklin, Phillip Schroeder, Karen Spradlin, Patricia Weaver, Bob Yehl, and Pam Ligon

Absent: Ginger Otwell, Angie Bell, Megan Harness

Next Meeting: Tentatively scheduled for November 12, 2008, 3:00 p.m., meeting place to be announced. 

The meeting was called to order at 3:00 p.m. in the Library Conference Room. 

Minutes from the October 8th meeting were approved with one change: Next Meeting: October 29, 2008 not November 13, 2007. 

A recommendation was made from by the Assessment Team to email future minutes of meetings to increase awareness of assessment endeavors campus wide. 

Wrenette Tedder provided the Director of Assessment Report. The report included her recent meeting Dr. Vernon Miles. Miles was provided a brief history of Henderson’s assessment efforts and the Team’s involvement. Wrenette informed Miles of how the Team had looked at past assessment plans. Miles wants each college to review their own plans in the future. He stated when the colleges are satisfied with their plans they will submit them to the Team. Miles recommended that Wrenette pull five areas which are not in compliance. Those areas will be provided recommendations from Wrenette and Dr. Miles. Wrenette will communicate with the deans and chairs that if areas are not in compliance Dr. Miles will be the one who will communicate with those areas, not the Team. 

Wrenette asked the Team if they wanted Dr. Miles to attend the next assessment meeting as well as invite the individual vice presidents to future meetings. The Team agreed this would be a good idea.

Wrenette will publicize training session in developing student learning outcome statements for academic areas. Sessions will be held in the next couple of weeks. 

In Committee Reports, Pam Ligon stated that the Non-Academic Handbook is not yet complete. In Ginger Otwell’s absence, Wrenette asked that the Team email Ginger anything they have learned from assessment to be published in the next assessment newsletter. 

In Division Reports, Wrenette stated that Marayln Sommer did not see a need to have two representatives serve on the Assessment Team. Phillip Schroeder will represent Ellis College. Wrenette has been invited to the next Ellis College meeting. She informed the Team that Dr. Sommer is very committed to Henderson’s assessment efforts. Phillip remarked that the faculty does not understand the importance and process of assessment. There is a need to translate campus speak into academic language. Maralyn stated that the assessment focus should be on how a student comes to us compared to what they have learned when they leave. 

The Team again asked that Wrenette discuss with the administration to consider providing rewards for areas fulfilling assessment efforts and consequences for those who do not. 

Wrenette asked if any of the Team members had visited with their respective vice president to see if they had read their area plans. She also asked if any departmental changes would be due to assessment reports. 

Wrenette presented the Team with the Report of a Commission-Mandated Focused Visit. She referred to pages 6-8. Pages 6-7 refer to what The Higher Learning Commission reported as evidence that demonstrates adequate progress in the area of focus. Page 8 of the report states those areas which require further organization attention prior to the next visit in three years. 

In Old Business, Wrenette informed the Team that Margaret Hoskins has resigned as Team member. Margaret announced that she has accepted the position of dean of the School of Business. Nathan Campbell has been asked to serve as Team member for the School of Business. The Team congratulated Margaret on her new position. 

The next assessment meeting is tentatively scheduled for November 12, 2008, at 3:00 p.m. Wrenette will check Dr. Miles calendar.

The meeting was adjourned at 3:50 p.m.


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