November 7, 2006 minutes

Henderson State University Assessment Team
Meeting Minutes
Tuesday, November 7, 2006

Present: Wrenette Tedder, Ginger Otwell, Bob Yehl, Pam Ligon, Carl Stark, Lecia Franklin, David Thigpen, Ron Dewlen, and Karen Spradlin

Absent: Bruce Smith, Haroon Khan, Jennifer Holbrook, Flora Weeks, Graduate Representative, Undergraduate Representative

Next Meeting: Tuesday, November 28, 3:00 p.m. (place to be announced)

New members were recognized by Ms. Tedder. She also talked about the team members who are transitioning off the Team.

Ms. Tedder handed out handbooks to the new Team members and copies of the handbook contents to the returning and transitioning Team members to replace what was currently in their books from last year. The handouts given contained documents given to Team members at previous meetings and documents gathered during the summer. The Team proceeded to go over the handbook to refresh all Team members of what assessment is and the Team’s commitment to assessment. 

Ms. Tedder stated, due to the upcoming Higher Learning Commission visit, she has asked all members who are transitioning off the Team be present at the all meetings in order to help the Team prepare for the visit. 

Ms. Tedder stated there would be some changes to how the assessment process for the Team would be done this year. In the past, Ms. Tedder has tried to meet with all departments concerning possible changes to their assessment plan. This year the Team member will meet with his/her area to discuss the changes required by the Team. She will be available to sit in on meetings; however, the Team member will be designated as the point of contact.

The assessment cycle for 2006-2007 has been established and Ms. Tedder explained the process of starting the new cycle. The departments will use the same objectives for the upcoming year to see if the outcomes can be duplicated again. Each department will use the results from last year as benchmark data for this year’s cycle. However, the methods/measures can be different. Ms. Tedder is putting together an e-mail with explicit details of how the year’s plans will be entered into TracDat along with dates for training, etc. All plans for 2005-2006 must be in TracDat by December 8th. 

Ms. Tedder talked about the Assessment Briefs for 2006-2007. She stated that she would like to produce three annually. Ms. Tedder asked for any ideas for the upcoming Brief. Pam Ligon stated that we may want to highlight certain unit on their assessment accomplishments. For example, David Thigpen’s assessment plan has been uploaded to the web and available for everyone to review. Ms. Tedder asked that any more suggestions be e-mailed to her.

Ms. Tedder stated that it was time to start setting up the roundtable meetings for this year. She asked for volunteers to help on the staff roundtable committee and the faculty roundtable committee. Pam Ligon and Lecia Franklin volunteered to chair the staff roundtable committee. They will develop dates, times, and topics to discuss. There were no volunteers for the faculty roundtable committee. Ms. Tedder asked the faculty Team members to bring ideas to the table at the next meeting to take the place of the faculty roundtables. She stated that the Team needed to “get the word out” to all faculty about assessment prior to the HLC team being on campus. She also stated the Team needs to develop ways to get students more involved in knowing about assessment at Henderson. 

Ms. Tedder told the Team that the HLC will be looking at the General Education Assessment Plan when they come on campus. 8 tenets were developed during the Peggy Mackey workshop this summer. The Team needs to develop outcome statements linking to the 8 tenets and finish the assessment plan prior to the 2007 visit. She asked the Team to look over the tenets and be prepared to discuss them at the upcoming meeting.

Ms Tedder stated a faculty Team member must chair the HSU Assessment Team from this point forward. Schools that have recently gone through a HLC visit have stated that the HLC team repeated over and over that the Team needs to be faculty driven. The assessment program at Henderson has been faculty driven; however, a faculty member has not taken the chair role on the assessment team. Ms. Tedder asked for nominations. Pam Ligon nominated Bob Yehl for the chair position. Mr. Yehl is on sabbatical during the spring semester. Carl Stark was nominated also. The Team elected Dr. Stark to be the new chairperson. He will preside over the upcoming meeting.

The Team members asked if the Administration had looked over the assessment plans for 2005-2006. Ms. Tedder stated she had given each Vice President a copy of the plans for their areas. She has received some comments back from the vice presidents and deans. The team stated feedback from Administration is very important to those who have worked hard on the plans. Ms. Tedder is going to send the Administration another copy of the plans and ask for further comments. 

The Team was asked when a good time to have the Team meetings would be for this year. The majority can meet at 3:00 p.m. on Tuesday or Thursday during this semester. The day and time will be revisited at the beginning of the spring semester. The next meeting has been set for Tuesday, November 28th, at 3:00 p.m. The place has not been established yet. An e-mail will be sent to Team members when this has been completed.

The meeting was adjourned at 4:45 p.m.


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