February 22, 2005 minutes

Henderson State University Assessment Team
Meeting Minutes
Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Present: Wrenette Tedder, Ginger Otwell, Lecia Franklin, Haroon Khan, Pam Ligon, Roberta Miranda, Carl Stark, David Thigpen, and Bob Yehl

Absent: Bruce Smith, Jennifer Holbrook, Tisha Smith

Guest: Dr. Robert Houston

Next meeting: Wednesday, March 9, 2005, 3:00 p.m., Dawson Room

Powerpoint presentation and worksheets are ready for the non-academic assessment workshops. Mrs. Tedder is meeting with the vice presidents to let them know about the workshops.

The Tuesday afternoon meetings are not going to work – Dr. Smith has a class at that time. The next meeting is scheduled for Wednesday March 9th at 3:00 p.m.

Discussion on the Institutional Assessment Plan and the General Education Assessment Plan will be held at the next meeting. The Team will need to develop timelines for these two plans. 

Dr. Houston visited with the Team to discuss the upcoming visit by the Higher Learning Commission and to answer any questions the Team might have about assessment. It was learned that the Higher Learning Commission has changed to a 5 criteria assessment, which will be used during their visit to Henderson next year. The focus of the 5 criteria assessment is all on student learning. The new criteria just came out earlier this year. 

Dr. Houston stated that Henderson needs a clear cut idea of what the Commission will be looking for when they come to visit so that Henderson can be prepared.

Dr. Houston stated that the Team needed to complete the University Assessment Plan and that the University needed to complete the General Education Assessment Plan. Dr. Houston also mentioned that we might look at the General Education Plan done by SAU to get some ideas. The Team might also wan to look at the syllabi templates created by SAU to come up with templates that HSU would want to use for course syllabi in the future. These templates would have the assessment information imbedded in them but the course information would still be the responsibility of the faculty members.

Mrs. Tedder announced that there will be an Assessment Workshop in June, which Henderson will take an 8-member team to. At this time, the members of the team have not been selected.

The Assessment Matrix was discussed by the Team. The following statements came from the discussion:
     1. General education assessment is not in place
     2. Making strides on the academic assessment side of assessment
     3. University assessment plan needs to be written by the Team
     4. Workshops, newsletters, etc. need to be created to let the faculty and staff know about the upcoming visit and about assessment
     5. Need to come up with ideas on how to reach the students in regards to assessment because they will be approached by the Commission during the visit
     6. Minutes need to be published; however they should be short (maybe bullets)
     7. Need to place the assessment matrix on the web so that employees can see it

A notice will be sent out with the location of the meeting once it has been set.

The meeting was adjourned at 5:00 p.m.


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