April 22, 2009 minutes

Henderson State University Assessment Team
Meeting Minutes
April 22, 2009

Present: Wrenette Tedder, Phillip Schroeder, Karen Spradlin, Brett Serviss, Bernie Hellums, Nathan Campbell, Bob Yehl, David Thigpen, Pam Ligon, Vernon Miles

Absent: Ginger Otwell, Megan Harness, Lecia Franklin, Jeff Bailey-SGA Representative

Next Meeting: May 6, 2009

Wrenette Tedder reported assessment workshops were held for the academic areas to develop their mission statement and goals. Each department in Teachers College attended the training workshop. Both the BBA and MBA coordinators in the School of Business bachelor program attended the first session; however, aviation did not attend. Ellis College representatives from Biology, English, Spanish, Mathematics, Computer Science, Sociology, and Human Services also participated in the first session. The second part of the assessment training has been set for next week. Each Teachers College department has signed up for session two. Also, representatives from Biology, English, Spanish, and Mathematics have signed up. Wrenette has a departmental meeting scheduled with Music to discuss the entire assessment process. The summer will be dedicated to conducting workshops for the nonacademic areas. 

Wrenette provided a report on the Higher Learning Commission (HLC) conference that she recently attended along with Vernon Miles, Angela Boswell, and Jennifer Holbrook. The focus was on student learning. 

Wrenette provided highlights from the recent Arkansas Association for the Assessment of Collegiate Learning (AAACL) spring conference held on UALR’s campus April 9. The conference was attended by Ginger Otwell, Pam Ligon and Wrenette Tedder. Dr. Bob Mundhenk, the coordinator of assessment workshops at the Higher Learning Commission, was the featured key-note speaker. Wrenette’s workshop on the Institutional Effectiveness of Administrative Units was very well attended. 

Vernon Miles informed the Team that he has applied to be a Peer Reviewer for the Higher Learning Commission. He said that he considering submitting Henderson as a Beta Case for the new accrediting pathways.

Old Business 
Chairman Schroeder distributed the first rendition of the “Quick Reference Guide” to assessment for the Team to review. He asked that comments and suggestions be sent to him through campus mail. Phillip stated that the guide is not intended to be a detailed reference. The finished guide will be in an 8 ½ x 11 format so that it can be easily photocopied. Included will also be visual examples of TracDat entries. 

New Business 
Chairman Schroeder proposed that the Assessment Newsletter be published four times a year (September 1, December 1, February 1 and May). 

Dr. Miles discussed and asked for feedback regarding inviting three individuals from Youngstown to campus to speak to the faculty at the back-to-school faculty meeting in August. This group recently spoke of the calamities they encountered while preparing for their accreditation visit from the Higher Learning Commission. 

May 6 meeting will be used to discuss those responsible for writing articles to include in the next Assessment Newsletter. 

Chairman Schroeder suggested recognizing those academic and nonacademic units for their assessment successes. The consensus of the Team was to invite the campus to a brown bag event honoring those units where beverage and dessert would be provided. September or early October was the targeted timeframe. 

Wrenette mentioned that Dr. Maki, higher education consultant specializing in assisting institutions integrate assessment of student learning into educational practices, asked that Henderson provide a case study to be included in her next book.

The meeting was adjourned at 4:15 p.m.


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