February 24, 2010 minutes

Henderson State University Assessment Team
Meeting Minutes
Dawson Room, 4:00 p.m.
February 24, 2010


Present: Lecia Franklin, Bernie Hellums, Margaret Hoskins, Matthew Kirkpatrick, Pam Ligon, Ginger Otwell, Phillip Schroeder, Brett Serviss, Joyce Shepherd, Karen Spradlin, Wrenette Tedder, and Bob Yehl

Absent: Jeff Bailey, David Thigpen

Next Meeting: March 10, 2010

New member. Dr. Joyce Shepherd, Associate Professor of Human Services, has joined the Assessment Team.

Newsletter. A paper copy of Assessment Brief, the assessment newsletter, has been mailed. The electronic version will be sent later this week. 

Articles for the next Assessment Brief is needed. Each newsletter will include a piece from the chair. September 1 is the next newsletter deadline. Contacting departments/individuals at this early date would allow sufficient time for articles to be submitted. Several approaches were suggested on how to gather additional topics for future newsletters. They included Wrenette looking through the assessment plans and selecting an area and having someone from that department submit an article on their process and accomplishments. Also, the Team might provide questions for selected areas to respond to and ask the vice presidents to write an article about their areas. Wrenette was asked to include “closing the loop” examples.

Wrenette provided an update on NSSE (National Survey of Student Engagement). HSU elects to administer this survey every other year as do many of the COPLAC (Council of Public Liberal Arts Colleges) schools. The survey was administered in 2004, 2006, and 2008, 2010. During the fall semester 1,415 names were submitted to take part in the NSSE; however, at the beginning of the spring semester 300 names were removed because they did not return to Henderson. There are 1,115 students eligible to participate in this survey. Students will be emailed four times over the course of the semester. Approximately 850 have not responded. And, around 70 emails have bounced back. The response rate, thus far, has been18.83 percent. The national average response rate is 30-40%. Students will have the entire semester to respond to the survey, so the response rate should improve. Results of the current NSSE survey will be sent back to Henderson in late fall. 

Training session for new members. As requested by the Team, a training session for all members is scheduled to take place during the March 10 meeting. Wrenette mentioned she usually provides this training for new members in the fall. The session will cover the process of evaluating plans, closing the loop, and an explanation of the assessment terminology. 

AAACL annual conference. Wrenette mentioned that the AAACL (Arkansas Association for the Assessment of Collegiate Learning) will host its annual conference on Thursday, March 18, from 10 a.m. – 3:45 p.m. on the campus of UALR. The registration fee is $20 for institutional members (list of 2009-10 Institutional Members available at www.aaacl.org) and $40 for non-members. This modest registration fee includes all general and concurrent sessions plus a continental breakfast and lunch. Featured speakers are Dr. Doug Eder, Southern Illinois University – Edwardsville, and Dr. Jim Purcell, Arkansas Department of Higher Education. Wrenette has asked Dr. Miles for permission to invite the Team members to the conference.

Old Business
Communication projects: Continuing the conversation of how to increase campus awareness of assessment, Phillip and Wrenette will meet with Dr. Miles suggesting that all new employees go through an assessment orientation session. Team members were also encouraged to accompany Wrenette when she meets with the Faculty and Staff Senate and SGA (Student Government Association). Include a staff and student representation to Faculty Senate, student and faculty representative to Staff Senate, and faculty and staff representative to SGA. Jeff Bailey is president of SGA and a Team member.

Assessment Cycle: Assessment Plans to go online beginning Fall 2010. All assessment plans will soon be found on the Office of Assessment’s web page. One will locate these plans by navigating from the “Henderson Employee” button to the “assessment” link. It was suggested to include an article in the September newsletter to remind all departments that their plans will be published on the web for all to see.

New Business

The meeting was adjourned at 4:48 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Pam Ligon, secretary


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