August 16, 2010 minutes

Henderson State University Assessment Team
Meeting Minutes
Dawson Room, 4:00 p.m.
August 16, 2010

Present: Deborah Coventry, Lecia Franklin, Bernie Hellums, Margaret Hoskins, Pam Ligon, Vernon Miles, Phillip Schroeder, Brett Serviss, Joyce Shepherd, Karen Spradlin, Wrenette Tedder, David Thigpen, and Bob Yehl

Absent: Jeff Bailey, Vernon Miles, Ginger Otwell, Joyce Shepherd, David Thigpen

Next Meeting: August 30, 2010

Chairman Schroeder called the meeting to order and welcomed everyone to the first meeting of the new fiscal year.

Report on the evaluations of unit assessment plans: Wrenette complimented the Team’s review of the academic and nonacademic assessment plans. She said the comments were right on track. Wrenette suggested that the nonacademic areas be allowed an extension to their September deadline for entering their new plans. She has not had time to provide feedback on their 2009-10 plans.

Margaret Hoskins remarked that the web site Wrenette set up for the Team’s use during review of the assessment plans was a very helpful tool. She further remarked that she is seeing new hires coming in with assessment awareness.

Phillip stated that many aspects of Wrenette’s training sessions with the academic areas this past year were most helpful.

Wrenette commented that General Education does not have an assessment plan. General Studies and Business Technology Education are two academic areas which do not have an assessment plan in place.

Newsletter: The content of the next newsletter was discussed. Lecia Franklin, Matthew Kirkpatrick, Vernon Miles, Wrenette Tedder and Phillips Schroeder are to submit articles.

Matthew Kirkpatrick, a graduate student member, recently graduated. He will need to be replaced. Wrenette volunteered to speak with Marck Beggs and Carl Stark for suggested names.

Phillip suggested assigning a department chair with writing an article on their plan. He asked that the Team send him suggestions.

Phillip recommended postponing the academic and nonacademic unit recognition event until Dr. Miles could attend the meeting to discuss the selection process. A rubric will need to be developed for the selection process.

Goals and planning for 2010-2011: Chairman Schroeder asked the Team the goals they wanted to focus on this year. It was suggested one focus be to encourage the departments to collect and analyze their data. The majority of the areas have accomplished setting their goals and entering their measures. Many did not have the results of their findings included when they “closed the loop.”

Collecting data for the Higher Learning Commission: Pam Ligon and Ginger Otwell will gather the Minutes from previous meetings and forward them to Brett Serviss who volunteered to assist with updating the Assessment web site.

Target units in need of assistance: The Team unanimously volunteered to offer their assistance to any area needing direction. Wrenette is to prepare a rating sheet to help the Team determine those areas in the greatest need of assistance. Another goal is to provide Dr. Miles with a list of those areas not complying with Assessment deadlines for entering plans and data.

Assessment Team plan of action and assignments: During the Team’s review process there was some inconsistencies with the interpretation of what “closing the loop” actually meant. Wrenette suggested it might be time for the group to review the dropdown boxes in Trac Dat to determine if the terminology should be changed. Brett recommended adding the definition of assessment words on the web as well as some help tips.

The meeting adjourned at 5:00 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Pam Ligon, secretary

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