December 5, 2011 minutes

Henderson State University Assessment Team
Meeting Minutes
Dawson Room, 4:00 p.m.
December 5, 2011

Present: Debra Coventry, Lecia Franklin, Bernie Hellums, Margaret Hoskins, Lenette Jones, Pam Ligon, Ginger Otwell, Brett Serviss, Phillip Schroeder, Joyce Shepherd, Blake Smith, Karen Spradlin, Wrenette Tedder, Bob Yehl

Absent: Keri Burkman, Chad Fielding, Vernon Miles

Next Meeting: January 23, 2012

Chair Phillip Schroeder called the meeting to order at 4:00 p.m.

Although the Team’s biographies were due today, Phillip extended the deadline to December 15. The one page document is to be submitted electronically to Wrenette for inclusion on the assessment webpage and should include name, title/rank, education, brief job description, years of service, and assessment unit representation.

Scheduling conflicts have forced a couple members to miss meetings excessively. Phillip reiterated the importance of attendance and asked the membership to consider replacing these members. Several students were suggested for the graduate member position.

Wrenette updated the Team on the assessment progress of the General Education Committee. This committee now has a plan and rubric in place. Several faculty volunteered to allow Wrenette to administer the ETS exam to their freshman classes. According to Wrenette, students are taking this exam seriously. She has given the exam to approximately 250 students. Her goal is 300 students. The tests will be submitted to ETS to be analyzed.

Assessment Webpage Update. Brett Serviss is serving as webmaster for the Assessment Team. To date, he has listed the headers for the topic areas approved by the Team. He asked that the meeting minutes and any additional information requested to be sent to him electronically. His goal is to make available a polished draft for the Team to review by year’s end.

Administrative Assessment Awards: evaluation status. Monday, December 12, 2011, is the deadline for the two administrative committees to submit their outstanding assessment recommendations to Wrenette. The Team will log onto iweb folio to rank both the academic and administrative units submitted by each committee team using the assessment rubric developed solely for this purpose. Ginger will send out the iweb folio instructions. The reviews are due no later than December 15.

Suggested additions or deletions for the History of Assessment at HSU document. Karen Spradlin emailed the Team a copy of the university’s assessment history. The membership is asked to review the information and provide additions or corrections concentrating on February 2007 forward. Edits are due by January 23, 2012, the first meeting of the spring term.

Assessment “publicity” for the HLC visitation: short-term goals and strategies. Phillip invited the Team to brainstorm on methods of campus communication other than the Assessment Newsletter. Suggestions offered included a campus email from the chair, an article in the Oracle, a press release, a forum, and an email from each member to their area of representation. February 10 is the deadline set for these communiqués. The January 23 agenda will include an outline of the information to be included. An employee picnic, held in the Day Gym, with various informational stations of fun activities was suggested as well.

There being no additional business, the meeting adjourned 4:47 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Pam Ligon, secretary

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