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Matt Largen

Matt Largen
Matt Largen graduated from Henderson State in 1997 with a major in psychology. He currently works as the director of economic development for Williamson County, Tenn. Largen works to bring and maintain businesses into the county to create new jobs.

Largen credits his education at Henderson and the Honors College, for preparing him for his career. “These days companies look for employees who can think for themselves, solve problems, communicate effectively, and work in teams,” Largen said. “Every honors class I had at Henderson taught me how to do all four.”

Because companies do not have the time to train people like the used to, acquiring those four skills will help the undergraduates to better prepare for the tough job markets.

“I talk to CEOs on a regular basis and they all tell me they look for people who held leadership positions within organizations on college campuses. They want an employee who has proven that they can multi-task and balance academics with extracurricular activities,” Largen said.

Largen considers Professors David Thompson, John Graves, Travis Langley, and Renva Watterson as influential mentors. During his senior year at Henderson, Largen served as student body president.

Largen is an avid Bruce Springsteen fan and has attended eight concerts so far. He and his wife have two children under five years of age, who have taught him to like Musta Notta Gotta Lotta Sleep Last Night.


“Being a non-traditional student living off campus in the late 60’s, I did not participate in nor learn to appreciate happenings on the HSU (then HSTC) campus as I might have. For some reason, the farther I get away from the actual time spent at Henderson as a student, the more I come to love and appreciate it. I could never repay or catch up with the kindnesses Henderson has sent my way!”

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