Intramurals Fall Events

This is a list of all the activities planned through Intramural Sports & events for the Fall Semester.  Find the Event you are looking for and use the links below to find Updated Rules, Schedules and Standings for each event.

***For Schedules, Standings and Tournament Brackets of any of the following sports click here.***

Flag Football (Men's, Women's & Co-Rec)

Obviously not as physical as the real thing, but no less fiery when it comes to the competition, flag football is among our most popular intramural sports. In a typical year there’ll be upwards of 12 men’s teams and five women’s teams.



There’s nothing quite like a good mental workout, and that’s what you’ll get here. Spades is held as a doubles tournament each year, and is open to men’s, women’s, and co-ed teams.


Ultimate Frisbee

Kind of like football, soccer, and Frisbee all rolled into one, Ultimate Frisbee is played as a seven-on-seven double elimination tournament, with games played to 15.


3 on 3 Basketball

Half-court. First to 15 wins. Dunking is encouraged, but not required. There are men’s and women’s tournaments, with more than 30 teams total signing up. This is one of the most popular intramural offerings at Henderson.



Set. Spike. Fun. Volleyball is offered as a four-on-four league, with typically around 10 men’s teams and eight co-ed teams. Each team plays around eight matches, then competes in an end-of-the-year tournament.


Soccer - 7 on 7

The most popular sport in the world is alive and well at Henderson, with a few twists. We play four-on-four indoor games in a tournament format. The action here is as intense as it gets.



When it comes to nonstop action, racquetball is it. Each year students can participate in singles and doubles tournaments for men and women.


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