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Matt Martin

Matt Martin

For Matt Martin, Henderson has been a place to explore new countries, ideas and career paths. The Murfreesboro, Ark., native started out as a biology major but later changed his major to history after a university sponsored trip to England, France and Italy in the summer of 2010. “I took the honor college trip to Europe and I remembered how much I liked studying history,” he explains. “I liked biology, but I realized it was not what I wanted to study for the rest of my life.” In May 2011, he will graduate with a bachelor of arts degree in history.

His new career goals involve entering Henderson Graduate School to earn his master’s degree in teaching and then working as a high school history teacher. His experiences tutoring other students, giving class presentations and conducting campus tours as a Henderson Ambassador have made him realize that he enjoys public speaking and being in an educator role. “I don’t have a problem being in front of people,” he says. In order to hone his teaching style, Matt regularly writes in a journal where he takes notes on different teaching techniques and ideas he will use in the classroom someday.

Matt says that Henderson has also helped him develop other critical thinking skills that will be of value in the future. “I got a very good base in writing because of switching my majors—scientific writing in biology classes, historical in my history classes, and narrative in other liberal arts classes I took.” And he has enjoyed the benefits of living on campus all four years. His roommates and he often use each other as sounding boards for the different topics they are studying. “It’s not a weird thing in my room to discuss what we’re learning,” he says.


Bruce Moore is the city manager of Little Rock, Arkansas's capital city, He is a member of the Henderson State University Board of Trustees and has served as Chair of the Board.

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