Saturday Oral Session 10: Experimental Psychology and Counseling



Session 10 Experimental Psychology and Counseling Reynolds 330 

Chairperson:       Henderson State University 


8:30     Let's Play:  Play Therapy and Adolescents with Behavior Disorders 

Lacey D.Earls and Todd Wiebers, Ph.D. 

Henderson State University 



8:50        Music Therapy and Academic Stress in College Students 

Logan E.Elmore and Todd Wiebers, Ph.D. 

Henderson State University 



9:10        Reversing the Plague of the Eating Disorder Epidemic 

Haley E.Best and Todd Wiebers, Ph.D. 

Henderson State University 



Break 9:30 – 9:40 



9:40     The Effects of Attractiveness and Education in Employment 

Allison B.Smith, Jose C. Medina, and Jennifer Fayard, Ph.D. 

Ouachita Baptist University 



10:00     The Effect of Caffeine and Exercise on Attention in College Students 

Morgan C.Pitchford, Dayla M. Brodgen, and Jennifer Fayard, Ph.D. 

chita Baptist University 



10:20     Running the Maze: The Roots of Academic Motivation in Parenting Style 

Benjamin L.Graves andTodd Wiebers, Ph.D. 

Henderson State University

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