Saturday Oral Session 8 Biology and Biochemistry

 Saturday Oral Sessions Begin at 8:30 AM 

Session 8   Biology and Biochemistry                               Reynolds 120 

Chairperson:      Ph.D.  Henderson State University 


8:30        In Vitro UGT-Mediated Metabolism of 5-Fluorouracil 

Julia R.Davis, Landry K. Kamdem, Pharm. D., and Edmond Wilson, Ph.D. 

Harding University 



8:50        Genetic Analysis of Bacteria from Blanchard Springs Caverns, Arkansas 

Mark A.Castleberry, Jonathan Shields, Lauren Story, and James Engman, Ph.D. 

Henderson State University 



9:10        Removing coliforms and E. coli in Contaminated Drinking Water using Biosand Filtration 

Michelle C.Henry, Edmond Wilson, Ph.D., and Steve Moore, Ph.D. 

Harding University 



Break 9:30 – 9:40 



9:40        A Case Based Study of the Ecosystem Services Provided by Bioretention and Prediction of Benefits to Ecological Services Provided by the use of Bioretention in Little Rock, Arkansas 

NickCerra and Noah Billig, Ph.D. 

University of Arkansas  - Fayetteville 



10:00     Scaffolding for Human Pluripotent Stem Cell Lineage Specification 

Thanh T.Dai and Sha Jin, Ph.D. 

University of Arkansas Fayetteville 


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