Poster Session - All Disciplines



All Disciplines Poster Session 


All Disciplines Poster Session 


Garrison Center – Ross Room                                                    5:00 PM 

Session Chair:  Tommy Finley, Ph.D.  Henderson State University 


Authors should have postermounted before 5:00 and should be present at least 30 minutes during the poster session to talk about their work.  Posters should be removed after the banquet. 










Abstracts Listed Alphabetically by First Author 


Zooplankton Community Response to Different Fertilization Strategies in Two Small Reservoirs 

Blake R.Ahrendsen, Thad Scott, Ph.D. and Julie Carrie, Ph.D. 

University of Arkansas Fayetteville 



The Achilles Heel of the Caenorhabditis elegans Superworm; kri-1 is Required For Long-Term Anoxia Tolerance of Glp-1(E2141) Mutants 

MollyAnderson,Andrea Hayes,Jessica Maddox, and Jo M. Goy, Ph.D. 

Harding University 



N-alkylbenzamides as Possible Antimalarials 

Erika D.Bass and Martin Campbell, Ph.D. 

Hendesron State University 



Development of a Method For Determining Chromium (III) Concentrations in a Solution 

Silas E.Brown and Edmond Wilson, Ph.D. 

Harding University 



A Comparison of Accent Modification Batteries in Regards to Acculturation 

Amanda R.Coppock, Mary Jo Hidecker, Ph.D., and Barbara Jones, MS 

University of Central Arkansas 




All Disciplines Poster Session 


A Comparison of Bacterial Numbers on Eyeglasses Worn by Different Age Groups and Gender 

Brittany N. Cox, Gabriela Sandoval, and Dale A. Amos, Ph.D. 

University of Arkansas- Fort Smith 



Consumer Perceptions of Poultry Production in Arkansas 

Stuart A.Estes and Leslie D. Edgar, Ph.D. 

University of Arkansas 



Marketing Sustainability: A Study of Consumer Responses to Sustainability Labels 

SiqiFeng and Scot Burton, Ph.D. 

University of Arkansas 



Behavioral Responses of the Freshwater Crayfish, Procambarus acutus, to the Presence of Light and Predatory Fish 

KatherineFinn,Jackson Savage,Katie Boren, and Nathan Mills, Ph.D. 

Harding University 



Self-Actualization and the Silver Surfer 

Kyla D.Golden and Travis Langley, Ph.D. 

Henderson State University 



HPLC Analysis of Retinol in Anti-Aging Creams 

Ksenia E.Gromova and Joseph E. Bradshaw, Ph.D. 

Ouachita Baptist University 



The Amount of Protein in Forage Soybean 

Alisha R.Hancock and Jack Osier 

Arkansas State University-Newport 



Comparison of Different Methods Used to Teach College Students How to Analyze Mineral Cleavage 

Bradley J.Hancock,Stephanie Duboise, and Dave Mayo, Ph.D. 

University of Arkansas, Fort Smith 



All Disciplines Poster Session 


Redefining Masculinity: A Novel Approach 

Karen S.Hopper and Todd Wiebers, Ph.D. 

Henderson State University 



Marxism or Opium: Woody Allen’s Contentions with Class 

Jesse T.Lobbs and Deborah Wilson, Ph.D. 

Arkansas Tech University 



Site Specific Incorporation of an Extrinsic Fluorescence Reporter Group to Characterize  Protein Interactions of the Ras Protein Rheb  

PadmaMana and Paul Adams, Ph.D. 

University of Arkansas, Fayetteville 



3-Body vs. 4-Body Treatment of Single Ionization of Helium 

KaylaMorrison and Allison Harris, Ph.D. 

Henderson State University 



Identification of Novel Regulators of A Nuclear Cation Channel (DMI1) Controlling Plant-Microbe Symbioses 

Jonathan Z.Pennington and Arijit Mukherjee, Ph.D. 

University of Central Arkansas 



Improving Nitrogen Fixation in Cereals 

Hannah G.Posey and Arijit Mukherjee, Ph.D. 

University of Central Arkansas 



Identification of Novel Regulators of a Calcium Calmodulin Dependent Protein Kinase (DMI3) Controlling Plant-Microbe Symbioses 

AakashRana and Arijit Mukherjee, Ph.D. 

University of Central Arkansas 



Work Hard, Play Hard: The Relationship Between Exercise and Employee Satisfaction 

Marlee E.Rogers and Elizabeth Howlett, Ph.D. 



All Disciplines Poster Session 


Design of a High Resolution Spectrometer for Atmospheric and Solar Monitoring 

Kelton A.Schleyer and Edmond W. Wilson, Jr., Ph.D. 

Harding University 



The Incredible Hulk: Bruce Banner’s Alter Personality or Rage Personified? 

Halee M.Smith and Travis Langley, Ph.D. 

Henderson State University 



The Malcolm X-Men Effect:  Is Magneto a Superhero or a Supervillain? 

KelleySweet and Travis Langley, Ph.D. 

Henderson State University 



Visible Light Mediated [3+2] Annulation Of Cyclopropylanilines with Allenes 

Kelsey A.Wells,Theresa Nguyen, and Nan Zheng, Ph.D. 

University of Arkansas 



Diet of Radiotracked Musk Turtles, Sternotherus odoratus, in an Urban Stream 

Caitlin E.Wilhelm and Michael V. Plummer, Ph.D. 

Harding University 



Communication Options for People who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing 

StephanieWinfield, Sharon Ross, M.S., CCC-SLP, and Mary Jo Cooley Hidecker, Ph.D. 

University of Central Arkansas 



An Experimental Set-up to Test Laminar Flow Over a Wing versus Angle of Attack 

Brian A. Terry, Nathan O. Johnson, and Shannon Clardy, Ph.D. 

Henderson State University 


















Posters listed Alphabetically by Last Name of First Author

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