Friday Oral Session 3: Communication/History/Literature


Session 3    Communication/History/Literature                   Reynolds 303       

Chairperson:      Henderson State University 

3:00     They Didn't go Home in Body Bags, but They Went Home in Pieces 

Kellie L.Booth and Sasha Pfau, Ph.D. 

Hendrix College 



3:20        Justice Personified: Justice and the Chinese Detective Novel 

Rachel E.English and Aleksandra Pfau, Ph.D. 

Hendrix College 



3:40        The Narrative Role of Monstrous Races in Medieval Europe 

ScottBanks and Sasha Pfau, Ph.D.   

Hendrix College 


           Break 4:00 – 4:10 


4:10        Les Paysages Humains: Postcolonial Identity in La honte sur nous by Saïd Mohamed 

Mark S.Nabors and Kathy Comfort, Ph.D. 

University of Arkansas, Fayetteville 



4:30        Problematic Use of Smart Phone (PUS): Social/Psychological Correlates and Consequences 

Stephen M.Reynold, Lonetta Shields, Bridget D. Thomas, and Nokon Heo, Ph.D. 

University of Central Arkansas 


4:50        Social Media Use and Self-Perception 

QuinitaBaggies, Andy Robertson, Jessica Seastrom, and Nokon Heo, Ph.D. 

University of Central Arkansas 


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