Friday Oral Session 5: Political Science


Session 5    Political Science                                                            Reynolds 330 

Chairperson:      .  Henderson State University 


3:00        A Safer Society--Reduction of Guns 

Phillip K.Turner, Jason Smith, Leroy James, Jr., Jordan Washington, and Haroon Kahn, Ph.D. 

Henderson State University 



3:20        Cost-Benefit Analysis of Farmer Training in Ghanaian Cocoa Farming 

Mike T.Norton and Lanier Nalley, Ph.D.   

University of Arkansas, Fayetteville 



3:40        English Only:  Navigating the Borders of Spanish Language and Identity in an Arkansas Middle School 

Lydia R.Thompson and Kirstin Erickson, Ph.D. 

University of Arkansas - Fayetteville 



Break 4:00 – 4:10 



4:10    Does Violence Work?  The Effects of Violence on the Success of Indigenous Protest Movements Against Mining Enterprises in Latin America 

Katherine M.Strike and Jeffrey J. Ryan, Ph.D. 

University of Arkansas 

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