Friday Oral Session 1: Biology


Session 1   Biology                                                       Reynolds 120 

Chairperson:      Henderson State University                                                       


3:00        A Comparison of Wildlife Seed Mixtures by Plant Height, Plant Coverage, and Wildlife Usage at the Simonson Biological Field Station 

Jacob L.Huey and Tommy Finley Ph.D. 

Henderson State University 


3:20        Isolation and Genomic Analysis of Mycobacterium phage RonRayGun 

ScottPfaff, Ruth Plymale, Ph.D and Nathan Reyna, Ph.D. 

Ouachita Baptist University 


3:40        GSK3beta Mediated Apoptotic Pathways are Activated in Axon Degeneration 

YaoXu and Bhupinder Vohra, Ph.D. 

University of Central Arkansas 


Break 4:00 – 4:10 


4:10        The Effects of Diet-Induced Obesity on Cell Cycle Regulation during Skeletal Muscle Regeneration 

Jillian F.Patton and Tyrone A. Washington, Ph.D. 

University of Arkansas, Fayetteville 


4:30        A First Spontaneous Record of Actinidia Chinensis Var. Deliciosa (Actinidiaceae) in Arkansas and the United States 

JeremyPalmer, Brett Serviss, Ph.D. and  Troy Bray, Ph.D. 

Henderson State University 


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