Anna Eudy Espinoza; Academic Advisor

Anna Eudy Espinoza

BA in Political Science, May 2007  
Minor in International Studies 
Henderson State University, Arkadelphia, Arkansas

• Executive Director of the Miss HSU Pageant
• Alpha Xi Delta Sorority
• Alpha Epsilon Lambda Graduate Honor Society
• Alpha Chi Honor Society
• Pi Sigma Alpha Political Science Honor Society

College was never something that I considered an option for myself.  Choosing a university, however, was a different story.  I went back and forth between two schools, and even took official tours to both TWICE!  The Reddie Spirit won me over, and I came to Henderson directly from Dierks High School in 2004.  I had the best three years of my life as an undergrad at Henderson.  Yes, three years…I was one of those crazy people who took 15-19 hours a semester and a full load in the summers.  When combining those hours with a few dual credit courses from high school, I found myself ahead of schedule for graduation.  Since I finished a year early, I still had some money left on one of my scholarships; therefore, I went straight into graduate school.  I entered the MLA program in social science at HSU immediately after graduation.  I went to graduate school fulltime and worked as a graduate assistant.  My coursework was finished in a timely manner, and I went into a fulltime job at Henderson with only my thesis left to finish.  When I began working, I put the thesis on hold; however, I am currently writing and hope to finish soon!

Reading (Preferably fiction, and preferably vampires – I also love to watch them on TV)
My dog, Bella
Reddie football!

I love southern cooking!  I could live on cereal, mashed potatoes, and egg custard or pumpkin pie.  I do NOT eat mayo at all…That includes when mayo is used in foods like potato salad or coleslaw.  With the exception of the mayo thing, I’ll try anything once and like a wide variety of international foods including Indian, Mexican, and Italian.

Realize your potential.

1. Keep a planner!  College students are so busy with classes and extracurriculars, so it’s easiest if you can put all of your activities in one location.


2. Know your responsibilities as a student.  Don’t let wrong advice from someone keep you from accomplishing something.  Be mindful of the question you are asking and make sure that you not only find out the correct answer but also the source of the answer for future reference.

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