Pam Ligon; Associate Dean of Academic Services

Pam Super Jam Ligon

MS in Community Counseling, 2002
Henderson State University, Arkadelphia, Arkansas

BA in Family and Consumer Sciences, 1996
Minor in Business Administration
Henderson State University, Arkadelphia, Arkansas

• National Academic Advising Association
• HSU Assessment Team Secretary
• Arkansas Colleges and Personnel Association
• HSU Strategic Planning Committee
• Clark County Leadership Academy
• HSU Relay for Life
• Catastrophic Leave Committee
• National Association of Colleges and Employers
• Task force, Higher Learning Commission
• Notary
• Faculty/Non-Classified Staff Compensation Study Committee

• Alpha Sigma Alpha sorority

After graduating early from high school, I immediately enrolled in college.  I took 19 and 21 hours my first two semesters.  Also, during our month-long Christmas break, I took a two-week class for a three-hour credit in humanities.  I worked 20 hours a week, joined a sorority and took a leadership role, and spent my nights studying in the library.  Although my grades were pretty good, and I had 49 credits hours, after my first year I withdrew from school, forfeiting my scholarship.  I was totally burned out. Too much, too quick. The following year I married.  Ten years later I found myself working again at Henderson.  Dr. Charles Dunn was my new boss and he and I sat and talked about my future.  He encouraged me to go back to school.  I remember him telling me that ten years down the road I could look back and have my degree or just be working.  We mapped out a plan, set some goals, and I began taking one to two classes a semester.  Eight years later I walked across the stage with my bachelor’s degree and a new job.  My education equipped me well for the position of the Garrison Center Director.  After taking a three-year hiatus, I enrolled in graduate school and received my master’s degree in Community Counseling, December 2002.  I didn’t take the easiest route but I did take one.  Perseverance.  I believed in me.  Twenty-three years later I am still working at Henderson.  I am the Associate Dean of Academic Services and the director over the Academic Advising Center and the Center for Career Development.  What I enjoy most about my work is the opportunity to help others become a success.

New grandbaby
Bike riding

There are not many foods I don’t like (except sardines).  Top those with chocolate and I probably could even get those down. CHOCOLATE, southern home cooking, Italian, and Mexican are my favorite food groups.  I am always willing to try anything at least once.

It doesn't matter where you are coming from.  All that matters is where you are going.  --Brian Tracy

Set goals and take one day at a time.  Sometimes the big picture can seem overwhelming.  It’s the baby steps that will eventually get you there.  You can’t always please others.  Make yourself happy and others will benefit.

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