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Music Faculty


Dr. Jim Buckner, Department Chair

Dr. Jim Buckner, trumpet
Mr. Todd Cranson, low brass
Ms. Amy Laursen, french horn

 Dr. Jamie Lipton, low brass

Dr. Rick Dimond, Nu Fusion Jazz Ensemble, String Ensemble
Dr. Ryan Fox, Director of Choral Activities
Dr. William Higgins, Opera Workshop

 Dr. Carrie Pawelski, Director of Bands

Dr. Shaun Popp, Assistant Director of Bands

Dr. David Etienne, Humanities: Music, Survey of Non-Western Music
Dr. David Evans, Music History

Dr. Rick Dimond, Jazz
Dr. Hee-Kyung Juhn, Director of Keyboard Studies
Dr. May Tsao-Lim, Piano Pedagogy, Class Piano
Ms. Kyoung Hwa Molinari, Staff Accompanist

Dr. David Evans
Dr. Maralyn Sommer

Dr. Rick Dimond

Mr. Algis Staskevicius, violin, viola
Ms. Kate Jones, low strings

Dr. Phillip Schroeder

Dr. William Higgins, baritone
Dr. Laura Storm, soprano
Dr. Jenna Tucker, soprano

Ms. Jennifer Amox, flute
Dr. Steven Becraft, clarinet, saxophone
Dr. Shannon Clardy, oboe
Dr. Maralyn Sommer, bassoon



 “The undergraduate education in music that I received from Henderson has changed my life by opening doors for me both educationally and professionally. It prepared me for success by giving me the tools necessary to be a successful music educator. My BME achieved at Henderson afforded me opportunities for success in graduate and post graduate studies as well as professional advancement in addition to allowing my family and me the employment and thus financial security that is so precarious today without such educational opportunities. I am grateful to Henderson State University.”

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Kevin TaylorBachelor of Music - Education (Instrumental), 1982
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