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Biology student conducting research on algae at the Bay of Fundy


 Recent undergraduate research projects conducted in the biology department include: 

  • Identification and origin of exotic species of seaweeds using DNA sequence comparisons.
  • Using molecular genetic tools to identify extremophile bacteria from deep in Arkansas’s Blanchard Caverns.
  • Studies of non–native species of invasive trees and shrubs that occur naturalized in Arkansas, their ability to become established in the local flora, and what factors influence this process.
  • Tungoil tree (Aleurites fordii Hemsl.) (Euphorbiaceae) new to the Arkansas flora.
  • Negundo chaste tree (Vitex negundo L.) (Verbenaceae) new to the Arkansas flora.
  • Analysis of proteins and isoenzymes of Limax species by polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis.
  • Distributional records of Ambystoma talpoideum in southwestern Arkansas.
  • Chinese Flame Tree (Koelreuteria bipinnata Franch.) new to the Arkansas Flora.
  • Distribution and conservation of bird-voiced treefrogs in the Ouachita River drainage.
  • Effects of agriculture and indigenous villages on coral reef composition in Kuna Yala, Panama.
  • Ichthyofaunal assemblages in three proximate but ecologically diverse streams in Clark County, Arkansas.
  • The ecology and taxonomy of Narcissus in Arkansas.
  • Geographic variation within an isolated population of big-eared bats in Oklahoma, Kansas and Texas.
  • Characterization of benthic macroinvertebrate populations and water quality in Lake Catherine, Arkansas.
  • Recovery of sea urchin populations, St. Ann's Bay, Jamaica.
  • Chelex extraction as an alternate source of DNA for amplification with PCR.
  • Diversity of Lamium (Lamiaceae) in Arkansas, including occurrences of Lamium hybridum and flower color forms.
  • Distribution records of darter species in Arkansas rivers.
  • Zooplankton population dynamics in Lake Catherine, Arkansas.
  • Freshwater sponge species of DeGray Lake, Arkansas.
  • Comparison of DNA extraction techniques in random amplification of polymorphic DNA.
  • New records in the distribution of Fossombronia.
  • Occurrence and status of Hydrilla verticillata in Arkansas.
  • Solving the detour problem in toads.
  • Growth and reproduction of the Ouachita Madtom.
  • Woody vegetation of hilltop islands in DeGray Lake.
  • Effects of aquatic vegetation on substrate development of the Caddo River.
  • Studies of mammalian hair structure.
  • Effect of timber management on small mammal populations.


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Date last modified: 4 January 2011 


Ali Brown is biology major and dance minor from Atlanta, Texas who plans to attend medical school after finishing her bachelor’s of science degree at Henderson. To some, this might seem odd, but she explains, “I love science and dancing allows me to study the movement of the body and also be artistic which to me, is something that everyone should venture out and experience.”
“I am going to medical school because I've always had an interest in the body and in health. Being a doctor will allow me to have a job where I will be able to love what I do.”

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Ali BrownBachelor of Science - Biology, Sophomore
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