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Biology student conducting research on algae at the Bay of Fundy


 Recent undergraduate research projects conducted in the biology department include: 

  • Identification and origin of exotic species of seaweeds using DNA sequence comparisons.
  • Using molecular genetic tools to identify extremophile bacteria from deep in Arkansas’s Blanchard Caverns.
  • Studies of non–native species of invasive trees and shrubs that occur naturalized in Arkansas, their ability to become established in the local flora, and what factors influence this process.
  • Tungoil tree (Aleurites fordii Hemsl.) (Euphorbiaceae) new to the Arkansas flora.
  • Negundo chaste tree (Vitex negundo L.) (Verbenaceae) new to the Arkansas flora.
  • Analysis of proteins and isoenzymes of Limax species by polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis.
  • Distributional records of Ambystoma talpoideum in southwestern Arkansas.
  • Chinese Flame Tree (Koelreuteria bipinnata Franch.) new to the Arkansas Flora.
  • Distribution and conservation of bird-voiced treefrogs in the Ouachita River drainage.
  • Effects of agriculture and indigenous villages on coral reef composition in Kuna Yala, Panama.
  • Ichthyofaunal assemblages in three proximate but ecologically diverse streams in Clark County, Arkansas.
  • The ecology and taxonomy of Narcissus in Arkansas.
  • Geographic variation within an isolated population of big-eared bats in Oklahoma, Kansas and Texas.
  • Characterization of benthic macroinvertebrate populations and water quality in Lake Catherine, Arkansas.
  • Recovery of sea urchin populations, St. Ann's Bay, Jamaica.
  • Chelex extraction as an alternate source of DNA for amplification with PCR.
  • Diversity of Lamium (Lamiaceae) in Arkansas, including occurrences of Lamium hybridum and flower color forms.
  • Distribution records of darter species in Arkansas rivers.
  • Zooplankton population dynamics in Lake Catherine, Arkansas.
  • Freshwater sponge species of DeGray Lake, Arkansas.
  • Comparison of DNA extraction techniques in random amplification of polymorphic DNA.
  • New records in the distribution of Fossombronia.
  • Occurrence and status of Hydrilla verticillata in Arkansas.
  • Solving the detour problem in toads.
  • Growth and reproduction of the Ouachita Madtom.
  • Woody vegetation of hilltop islands in DeGray Lake.
  • Effects of aquatic vegetation on substrate development of the Caddo River.
  • Studies of mammalian hair structure.
  • Effect of timber management on small mammal populations.


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