An Updated Checklist of the Spiders of Arkansas

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by Peggy Rae Dorris, Ph.D.
Henderson State University


Checklist of Spiders 
Literature Cited 



The writer has studied spiders in Arkansas from 1966 to the present time with each major Physiographic Region (Pell 1983) of the state being covered to try to determine the spider fauna. These natural regions of Arkansas show significant ecological differences with habitat diversity including mountains, upland hardwoods, bottomland hardwoods, loblolly -shortleaf pine, cedar glade, upland prairie, to caves.

Although no study is definitive, it is intended that this list will be of use to arachnologists and researchers in determining the biodiversity for Arkansas.



This updated checklist of spiders is based on published and unpublished records available to the author. At present, 35 families, 204 genera, and 546 species of spiders have been identified in Arkansas.

Faunal lists of spiders have been compiled since the early 1960's. Whitcomb and his associates conducted many spider studies associated with cotton (Whitcomb et al., 1963a, b; Whitcomb and Bell, 1964; Whitcomb, 1967) and with the fall webworm (Whitcomb and Tadic, 1963). Additional investigations were made by Warren and Tadic (1967) on spider predation of the fall webworm and by Peck et al. (1971) on spiders associated with shortleaf and loblolly pine. Dorris (1970) studied impact of insecticides on spider populations in a cotton field. Studies have also been made of spiders collected from Arkansas blueberries (Johnson and Heiss, (unpublished data) and from rice (Heiss and Meisch, 1985). Dorris (1986 made a preliminary study of spiders collected in pit traps from pine/hardwood forests and Hill, Dorris and Thompson (1995) reported on spiders collected in pit traps in Drew County from different silvicultural systems. These studies include a species list and observations on behavior and habitats.

Spider fauna of the natural areas of Arkansas have been investigated by Dorris, (1968, 1969, 1972, 1980, 1985, 1986, 1989, 1991; Dorris and Burnside, 1977; Beck and Dorris, 1982, 1983; Dorris and Saugey, 1983; Dorris and Burris, 1992; Dorris, Robison, and Carlton, 1995; Parker and Dorris, 1995; Hill, Dorris, and Thompson, 1995). Exline (1962) identified two new gnaphosid spiders, McDaniel et al (1979) and Peck and Peck (1982) have contributed records of species occurring in Arkansas caves, and Dorris and Saugey (1983) investigated spiders occurring in abandoned mines and tunnels.

Taxonomic keys of Kaston (1982), Comstock (1982), and Gertsch (1979) have aided in this study, however, a complete bibliography of the numerous monographs and books used for identification is not included in the literature cited section as it is assumed by the writer that investigators use these common tools for classification of spiders in any area of the world.

It is intended that AN UPDATED CHECKLIST OF THE SPIDERS OF ARKANSAS will fill the existing void of arachnology literature for the state and apprise investigators of the spider fauna of Arkansas.

I am indebted to the following for loan of specimens, collections, and aid of various kinds; Dr. W. J. Gertsch, Dr. Lynne C. Thompson, Dr. Henry Robison, Dr. Chris Carlton, Mr. David Saugey and my colleagues. Appreciation is also expressed to numerous graduate and undergraduate students for various tasks, collections, and identifications. Special gratitude is extended to Mrs. Sherry Smith for aid in compilation of the state list. I should also like to express my appreciation for financial assistance to Henderson State University, The Corps of Engineers, and the Ross Foundation.



Several methods and types of instrumentation were used for collecting and identification. Methods included (a) heavy duty sweep net in grasses and heavy brush, (b) wire mesh for leaf litter, (c) chopping bark from trees, (d) hand picking from bushes, ground, agriculture crops, old dwellings, water and other related places, (e) mud-dauber nests were broken open to reveal paralyzed spiders captured by mud-daubers, (f) night spot-lighting, and (g) pit traps set in the ground to trap spiders traveling across the ground.

Collections from other institutions such as University of Arkansas at Fayetteville, L.S.U. at Baton Rouge and University of Mississippi at Oxford were examined. Data were obtained from collections and publications on Arkansas spiders.

Most collections were made between the hours of 9 A.M. and 5 P.M. The specimens were preserved in screw cap vials containing 75% ethyl alcohol. In all physiographic regions 8-10 check stations were set up across the whole regions so that coverage of the various habitats could be assured.

Microscopic examination of specimens was made using an American Optical dissecting microscope equipped with a 20X20 grid micrometer.

Use of numerous taxonomic keys and monographs have been employed for identifications. Arkansas publications are stressed in this paper with the assumption that investigators using this checklist will be aware of the tremendous numbers of publications related to spider identification. Data from recent publications were included only when the author was a recognized authority or the data could be verified by examination of the original specimens.

Spiders are listed alphabetically in an attempt to expedite the search for families, genera and species.



 Multiple studies of the spider fauna made by Dorris (1968-1995) and other investigators in Arkansas have been compiled into a list of 35 families, 204 genera, and 546 species collected from diverse ecological habitats including mountains, river valleys, pine-hardwood forests, mine tunnels, coastal plains and agricultural crops. The purpose was to achieve a composite checklist of all identified spiders occurring in Arkansas.

AGELENIDAE Funnel-web weavers

Agelenopsis naevia (Walckenaer)

Agelenopsis pennsylvania (L. Koch)

Agelenopsis potteri (Blackwall)

Calymmaria emertoni (Chamberlin & Ivie)

Calymmaria cavicola (Banks)

Circurina arcuata (Keyserling)

Circurina bevis (Emerton)

Circurina bryantae (Exline)

Circurina davisi (Exline)

Circurina robusta (Simon)

Circurina tersa (Simon)

Coras lamellosus (Keyserling)

Coras medicinalis (Hentz)

Coras montanus Emerton

Cryphorea montana Emerton

Cybaeus reticulatus Simon

Tegenaria domestica (Clerck)

AMAUROBIIDAE White-eyed spiders

Amaurobius bennetti (Blackwall)

Amaurobius ferox (Walckenaer)

Callioplus tibialis (Emerton)

Titanoeca americana Emerton

ANTRODIAETIDAE Folding-door trap-door spiders

Antrodiaetus pacificus (Simon)

Antrodiaetus unicolor (Hentz)


Anyphaena celer (Hentz)

Anyphaena fragilis Banks

Anyphaena laticeps Bryant

Anyphaena maculata (Banks)

Aysha gracilis (Hentz)

Aysha velox (Becker)

Teudis mordax (O.P. Cambridge)

Wulfia saltabunda (Hentz)

ARANEIDAE Typical Orb Weavers

Acacesia hamata (Hentz)

Acanthepeira moesta Comstock

Acanthepeira stellata (Marx) Star-bellied spider

Acanthepeira vanusta (Banks)

Alpaida calix (Walckenaer)

Araneus cavaticus (Keyserling)

Araneus cingulatus (Walckenaer)

Araneus frondosa (Linnaeus) Foliate spider

Araneus gemma (McCook)

Araneus guttulatus (Walckenaer)

Araneus juniperi (Emerton)

Araneus marmoreus Clerck Marbled spider

Araneus miniatus (Walckenaer)

Araneus nordmanni (Thorell)

Araneus particus (Walckenaer)

Araneus thaddeus (Hentz)

Araniella displicata (Hentz)

Argiope aurantia Lucas Black and yellow garden spider

Argiope trifasciata (Forskal) Banded garden spider

Conopeira ozarkansis Archer

Cyclosa bifurca (Hentz)

Cyclosa conica (Pallis)

Cyclosa turbinata (Walckenaer)

Epeira cornuta (Clerck)

Eustala anastera (Walckenaer)

Eustala arkansana Archer

Eustala cepina (Walckenaer)

Gasteracantha elipsoides (Walckenaer) Spiny-bellied orb weaver

Gea heptagon (Hentz)

Hyposinga pygmaea (Sundevall)

Larina directa (Hentz)

Leucauge venusta (Walckenaer)

Mangora gibberosa (Hentz)

Mangora maculata (Keyserling)

Mangora ornata (Keyserling)

Mangora placida (Hentz)

Mastophora bisaccatum (Emerton)

Mecynogea lemniscata (Walckenaer) Basilica spider

Meta menardii (Latreille) Cave orb weaver

Metepeira labyrinthea (Hentz)

Micrathena gracilis (Walckenaer) Spiny bellied orb weaver

Micrathena mitrata (Walckenaer)

Micrathena reduviana ((Walckenaer)

Micrathena sagittata (Walckenaer) Spiny bellied orb weaver

Mimognatha foxi (McCook)

Neoscona arabesca (Walckenaer)

Neoscona benjamina (Walckenaer)

Neoscona domiciliorum (Hentz)

Neoscona minima O.P. Cambridge

Neoscona pratensis (Hentz)

Neoscona sacra (Walckenaer)

Neosconella pegnia (Walckenaer)

Nephila clavipes (Linnaeus) Foliate spider

Nuctenea cornuta (Clerck) Furrow spider

Nuctena sericata (Clerck) Bridge spider or Gray cross spider

Singa calix (Walckenaer)

Singa keyserling McCook

Singa pratensis Emerton

Verrucosa arenata (Walckenaer)

Wixia ectypa (Walckenaer)

CLUBIONIDAE Foilage spiders or Club-footed spiders

Agroecia pratensis Emerton

Castianera amoena (L. Koch)

Castianeira cingulata (L. Koch)

Castianeira descripta (Hentz)

Castianeira gertschi Kaston

Castianeira longipalpus (Hentz)

Castianeira trilineata (Hentz)

Castianeira variata Gertsch

Castianeira vulnerea Gertsch

Chiracanthium erraticum (Walckenaer)

Chiracanthium inclusum (Hentz)

Clubiona abbotii L. Koch

Clubiona catawba Gertsch

Clubiona excepta (L. Koch)

Clubiona johnsoni Gertsch

Clubiona moesta Banks

Clubiona obesa Hentz

Clubiona pallens Hentz

Clubiona putris Koch

Clubiona riparia Koch

Clubiona saltitans Emerton

Marcellina piscatoria (Hentz)

Meriola decepta Banks

Micaria aurata (Hentz)

Micaria longipes Emerton

Micaria vinnula Gertsch

Phrurotimpus alarius (Hentz)

Phrurotimpus borealis (Emerton)

Phrurotimpus formica Banks

Phrurotimpus illudens (Gertsch)

Scotinella formica L. Koch

Scotinella fratella (Gertsch)

Scotinella pallida Banks

Scotinella redempta Gertsch

Strotarchus piscatorius (Hentz)

Trachelas deceptus (Banks)

Trachelas laticeps Bryant

Trachelas similis Cambridge

Trachelas tranquillus (Hentz)


Anahita animosa (Walckenaer)

Ctenus exlineae Peck

Ctenus hibernalis (Hentz)

Zora pumila (Hentz)

CTENIZIDAE Trap-door spiders

Bothriocyrtum californicum (O.P. Cambridge)

Ummidia audouini (Lucus) Common trap door spider


Dictyna annulipes (Blackwall)

Dictyna bicornis Emerton

Dictyna cruciata Emerton

Dictyna hentzi Kaston

Dictyna roscida (Hentz)

Dictyna segregata Gertsch & Mulaik

Dictyna sublata (Hentz)

Dictyna volucripes Keyserling

Lathys pallida (Marx)


Filistata hibernalis (Hentz) Brown house spider

GNAPHOSIDAE Ground spiders

Callilepis imbecilla (Keyserling)

Callilepis pluto Banks

Cesonia bilineata (Hentz)

Drassodes auriculoides Barrows

Drassodes gosiutus Chamberlin

Drassodes hypocrita Simon

Drassodes neglectus (Keyserling)

Drassyllus agilis (Bryant)

Drassyllus aprilinis (Banks)

Drassyllus covensis Exline

Drassyllus creolus Chamberlin & Gertsch

Drassyllus depressus (Emerton)

Drassyllus dixinus Chamberlin

Drassyllus dromeus Chamberlin

Drassyllus ellipes Chamberlin & Ivie

Drassyllus fallens Chamberlin

Drassyllus femoralis (Banks)

Drassyllus frigidus (Banks)

Drassyllus gynosaphes Chamberlin

Drassyllus lepidus (Banks)

Drassyllus mephisto Chamberlin

Drassyllus niger (Banks)

Drassyllus notonus Chamberlin

Drassyllus novus Platnick & Shadab

Drassyllus rufulus (Banks)

Drassyllus socius Chamberlin

Drassyllus texamans (Chamberlin)

Drassyllus virginianus Chamberlin

Drassodes gosiutus Chamberlin

Gnaphosa fontinalis Keyserling

Gnaphosa muscorum (L.Koch)

Gnaphosa sericata (L.Koch)

Haplodrassus bicornus (L. Koch)

Haplodrassus signifer (L. Koch)

Herpyllus ecclesiasticus Hentz Parson spider

Litophyllus temporarius Chamberlin

Nodocion floridanus (Banks)

Poecilochroa famulua (Chamberlin)

Rachodrassus echinus Chamberlin

Rachodrassus exlineae Platnick & Shadab

Sergiolus capulatus (Walckenaer)

Sergiolus minutus (Banks)

Sergiolus montanus (Emerton)

Sergiolus ocellatus (Walckenaer)

Sergiolus tennesseensis Chamberlin

Sostichus insularis (Banks)

Strotarchus piscatoria (Hentz)

Synaphosus paludis (Chamberlin & Gertsch)

Urozelotes rusticus (L. Koch)

Zelotes aiken Platnick & Shadab

Zelotes duplex (Chamberlin)

Zelotes hentzi (Barrows)

Zelotes inheritus Kaston

Zelotes laccus (Barrows)

Zelotes subterraneus (L. Koch)


Hahnia cinerea Emerton

Neoantistea agilis Keyserling

Neoantistea riparia (Keyserling)


Leptoneta arkansa Gertsch


Bathyphantes pallida (Banks)

Florinda coccinea (Hentz)

Frontinella communis (Hentz)

Frontinella pyramitela (Walckenaer) Bowl & doily spider

Helophora insignis (Blackwall)

Lepthyphantes nebulosa (Sundevall)

Lepthyphantes sabulosa (Keyserling)

Lepthyphantes zebra (Emerton)

Linyphia marginata (L. Koch)

Mioneta fabra (Keyserling)

Mioneta meridionalis Crosby & Bishop

Mioneta micaria Emerton

Microneta viaria (Blackwall)

Neriene variabilis (Banks)

Porrhomma cavernicolum Keyserling

Prolynphia maculata Emerton

Prolynphia marginata (L. Koch)

Tennesseellum formicum (Emerton)


Loxosceles reclusa Gertsch & Mulaik Brown recluse or violin spider

Loxosceles refuscens (DuFour)

LYCOSIDAE Wolf spiders

Allocosa funerea (Hentz)

Arctosa emertoni Gertsch

Arctosa littoralis (Hentz)

Arctosa rubicunda (Keyserling)

Arctosa sublata (Montgomery)

Arctosa virgo (Chamberlin)

Hogna annexa (Chamberlin & Ivie)

Hogna var. annexa (Chamberlin & Ivie)

Hogna anteleucana (Montgomery)

Hogna aspersa Hentz

Hogna avara Keyserling

Hogna baltimoriana (Keyserling)

Hogna carolinensis (Hentz)

Hogna gulosa Walckenaer

Hogna frondicola (Emerton)

Hogna helluo (Walckenaer)

Hogna lenta Hentz

Hogna modesta (Thorell)

Hogna punctulata (Hentz)

Hogna riparia (Hentz)

Hogna rabida Walckenaer

Pardosa banksi Chamberlin

Pardosa distincta (Blackwall)

Pardosa floridana Banks

Pardosa lapidicina Emerton

Pardosa milvina (Hentz)

Pardosa moesta Banks

Pardosa pauxilla Montgomery

Pardosa pullata (Clerk)

Pardosa ramulosa (McCook)

Pardosa saxatilis (Hentz)

Pardosa saxatilis var. atlantica (Chamberlin & Ivie)

Pardosa sternalis (Thorell)

Pardosa utahensis Chamberlin

Pirata alachua Gertsch & Wallace

Pirata apalacheus Gertsch

Pirata insularis Emerton

Pirata maculatus Emerton

Pirata minutus Emerton

Pirata montanus (Emerton)

Pirata piratica (Clerck)

Pirata sedentarius Montgomery

Pirata seminola (Gertch & Wallace)

Pirata suwaneus Gertsch

Pirata sylvanus Chamberlin

Schizocosa avida (Walckenaer)

Schizocosa bilineata (Emerton)

Schizocosa crassipes (Walckenaer)

Schizocosa floridans (Simon)

Schizocosa ocreata (Walckenaer)

Schizocosa retrorsa (Banks)

Schizocosa rovneri Uetz & Dondale

Schizocosa saltatrix (Hentz)

Schizocosa stridulans Stratton

Sossipus mimus Chamberlin

Tarentula accentuata (Latrieille)

Tarentula aculeata (Clerck)

Tarentula kochi Keyserling

Trabea aurantiaca (Emerton)

Trochosa acompa (Chamberlin)

Trochosa avara Keyserling

Trochosa pratensis (Emerton)

Trochosa terricola (Thorell)


Lyssomanes viridis (Walckenaer)


Ceraticelus creolus Chamberlin

Ceraticelus emertoni (O. P. Cambridge)

Ceraticelus similis (Banks)

Eperigone banksi Ivie & Barrows

Eperigone dentigera O.P. Cambridge

Eperigone maculata (Banks)

Eperigone tridentata (Emerton)

Eperigone trilobata (Emerton)

Erigone autumnalis Emerton

Erigone praecursa Chamberlin & Ivie

Gonatium rubens (Blackwall)

Grammonota inornata Emerton

Grammonota maculata Banks

Grammonota ornata (O. P. Cambridge)

Grammonota texana (Banks)

Islandiana flaveola (Banks)

Pelecopsis moestum (Banks)

Walckenaera spiralis (Emerton)

Walckenaera vigilax (Blackwall)


Ero furcata (Villars)

Mimetus epeiroides Emerton

Mimetus interfector Hentz

Mimetus puritanus Chamberlin

Mimetus notius Chamberlin


Eidmannella pallida (Emerton)


Oecobius annulipes Lucas

Oecobius cellariorum (Duges)

Oecobius texanus Bryant


Hamataliwa hilia Brady

Oxyopes acleistus Chamberlin

Oxyopes aglossus Chamberlin

Oxyopes apollo Brady

Oxyopes aureus Brady

Oxyopes helius Chamberlin

Oxyopes salticus Hentz

Oxyopes scalaris Hentz

Peucetia veridans (Hentz)

PHILODROMIDAE Running crab spiders

Ebo latithorax Keyserling

Ebo punctatus Schick

Philodromus abbotii Keyserling

Philodromus aureolus (Oliver)

Philodromus cespitocolis (Walckenaer)

Philodromus infuseatus (Keyserling)

Philodromus imbecillus Keyserling

Philodromus keyserling Marx

Philodromus laticeps Keyserling

Philodromus marxii Keyserling

Philodromus mineri Gertsch

Philodromus pernix Blackwall

Philodromus placidus Banks

Philodromus rufus Walckenaer

Philodromus satullus Keyserling

Philodromus vulgaris Hentz

Thanatus formicinus (Clerck)

Thanatus lycsoides (Clerck)

Thanatus rubicellus Mello-Leitao

Thanatus rubromaculatus (Keyserling)

Thanatus vulgaris Simon

Tibellus duttoni (Hentz)

Tibellus oblongus (Walckenaer Long bodied crab spider

Tmarus angulatus (Walckenaer)

PHOLCIDAE Cellar spiders

Pholcus phalangioides (Fuesslin) Long-bodied cellar spiders

Spermophora meridionalis Hentz Short-bodied cellar spiders

PISAURIDAE Nursery-web spiders

Dolomedes sexpunctatus (Hentz) Fishing spider

Dolomedes scriptus Hentz Fishing spider

Dolomedes tenebrosus Hentz Fishing spider

Dolomedes triton (Walckenaer) Fishing spider

Dolomedes urinator (Hentz) Fishing spider

Dolomedes vittatus (Walckenaer) Fishing spider

Pelopatis undulata (Keyserling)

Pisaurina mira (Walckenaer)

Pisaurina mirabilis (Clerck)

Tinus peregrinus (Bishop)

SALTICIDAE Jumping spiders

Agassa cerulea (Walckenaer)

Agassa cyanea (Hentz)

Ballus youngii (G. & E. Peckham)

Corythalia aurata (Hentz)

Dendryphantes aestivalis (Kaston)

Eris aurantia (Lucas)

Eris marginata (Walckenaer)

Eris pineus (Kaston)

Evarcha hoyi ( G. & E. Peckham)

Habrocestum parvulum (Banks)

Habrocestum pulex (Hentz)

Habronattus agilis (Banks)

Habronattus borealis (Banks)

Habronattus coronatus (Hentz)

Habronattus decorus (Blackwall)

Habronattus paykulli (Audouin)

Habronattus viridipes (Hentz)

Hentzia ambigua (Walckenaer)

Hentzia mittrata (Hentz)

Hentzia palmarum (Hentz)

Icius elegans Emerton

Icius hartii Emerton

Icius vitis (Cockrell)

Maevia inclemens (Walckenaer)

Maevia vittata (Hentz)

Marpissa lineata (L. Koch)

Marpissa pikei (G. & E. Peckham)

Menamerus bivitattus (DuFour)

Metacyrba taeniola (Hentz)

Metacyrba undata (DeGeer)

Metaphidippus canadensis (Banks)

Metaphidippus exiguus (Banks)

Metaphidippus flaviceps (Kaston)

Metaphidippus flavipedes (Peckham)

Metaphidippus galathea (Walckenaer)

Metaphidippus insignis (Banks)

Metaphidippus manni (Peckham)

Metaphidippus protervus (Walckenaer)

Metaphidippus sexmaculatus (Banks)

Myrmarachne hentzi Banks

Neon nelli Peckham

Paraphidippus arantius (Kaston)

Paraphidippus marginatus (Walckenaer)

Peckhamia picata (Hentz)

Pellenes borealis (Banks)

Phidippus apacheanus Chamberlin and Gertsch

Phidippus audax (Hentz)

Phidippus carolinensis Peckham & Peckham

Phidippus clarus (Keyserling)

Phidippus hirsutus Barrows

Phidippus incertus Peckham

Phidippus insignarius L. Koch

Phidippus insolens Peckham

Phidippus mccookii Peckham

Phidippus mystaceus Emerton

Phidippus opifex (McCook)

Phidippus otiosus Peckham

Phidippus princeps (Peckham)

Phidippus purpuratus Keyserling

Phidippus putmanii (Peckham)

Phidippus rimator (Walckenaer)

Phidippus texanus (Banks)

Phidippus variegatus (Lucus)

Phidippus whitmanii Peckham

Phlegra fasciata (Hahn)

Plexippus puerperus (Emerton)

Salticus scenicus (Linneaus)

Sarinda hentzi (Banks)

Sassacus papenhoei (G. & E. Peckham)

Sitticus floricoles (L. Koch)

Sitticus floridanus Gertsch & Mulaik

Sitticus palustris G. & E. Peckham

Synemosyna formica Hentz

Synemosyna lunata (Walckenaer)

Talavera minuta (Banks)

Tegenaria domestica (Clerck)

Thiodina iniquies (Walckenaer)

Thiodina puerpera (Hentz)

Thiodina sylvana (Hentz)

Tutelina elegans (Hentz)

Tutelina similis (Banks)

Zygoballus bettinii (G. & E. Peckham)

Zygoballus nervosus (Peckham)

Zygoballus rufipes (Peckham & Peckham)

Zygoballus sexpunctatus (Hentz)


Ariadna bicolor (Hentz)

SCYTODIDAE Spitting spiders

Scytodes perfecta Banks

Scytodes thoracica (Latreille)


Leucage venusta (Walckenaer) Orchid spider

Mimognatha foxi (McCook)

Pachygnatha tristriata (L. Koch) Thick-jawed orb weavers

Tetragnatha elongata Walckenarer Long-jawed orb weavers

Tetragnatha laboriosa Hentz

Tetragnatha pallescens O.P. Cambridge

Tetragnatha seneca Seeley

Tetragnatha straminea Emerton

Tetragnatha versicolor Walckenaer

Tetragnatha viridis (Walckenaer)

THERIDIIDAE Comb-footed spiders

Achaearanea globosa (Hentz)

Achaearanea porteri (Banks)

Achaearanea rupicola (Emerton)

Achaeranea tepidariorum (L. Koch) House spider

Anelosimus textrix (Walckenaer)

Argyrodes trigonum (Hentz)

Conopistha nephilae (Taczanowski)

Conopistha rufa (Walckenaer)

Ctenium riparius (Keyserling)

Diopena buccalis Keyserling

Diopena nigra (Emerton)

Enoplognatha marmorata (Hentz)

Euryopis funebris (Hentz)

Euryopis limbata (Walckenaer)

Latrodectus geomectricus (L. Koch)

Latrodectus hasselti Thorel

Latrodectus hesperus Chamberlin & Ivie

Latrodectus mactans (Fabricius) Black widow

Latrodectus variolus (Walckenaer

Pholcomma hirsutum (Emerton)

Rhomphaea lacerta (Walckenaer)

Spintharus flavidus Hentz

Steatoda fulva Keyserling

Steatoda palmara Chamberlin & Ivie

Steatoda triangulosa (Walckenaer)

Theridion alabamense Gertsch & Archer

Theridion antoni (Keyserling)

Theridion australe Banks

Theridion differens Emerton

Theridion flavonotatum Becker

Theridion frondeum Hentz

Theridion intervallatum Emerton

Theridion lyricum Walckenaer

Theridion murarium Emerton

Theridion neshamini Levi

Theridion pictipes Keyserling

Theridion rabuni Chamberlin & Ivie

Theridion tinctum Walckenaer

Theridula emertoni (Levi)

Theridula opulenta (Walckenaer)

Tidarren sisyphoides (Walckenaer)

Ulesanis americana Emerton

THERAPHOSIDAE "Ordinary tarantulas"

Dugesiella hentzi (Girard)


Theridiosoma radiosa (McCook) Ray spider

THOMISIDAE Crab spiders

Coriarachne floridana Banks

Coriarachne lenta (Walckenaer)

Coriarachne versicolor Keyserling

Misumena vatia (Clerck) Flower spider or Goldenrod spider

Misumenoides aleatorius (Hentz)

Misumenoides formosipes (Walckenaer)

Misumenops asperatus (Hentz)

Misumenops celer (Hentz)

Misumenops deserti Schick

Misumenops oblongus (Keyserling)

Oxyptila americana Banks

Oxyptila conspurcata Thorell

Oxyptila creola (Gertsch)

Oxyptila distans Dondale & Redner

Oxyptila modesta (Scheffer)

Oxyptila monroensis Keyserling

Synema parvulum (Hentz)

Tibellus oblonus (Walckenaer)

Tmarus angulatus (Walckenaer)

Xysticus autificus Keyserling

Xysticus banksi (Bryant)

Xysticus bicuspis Keyserling

Xysticus cunctator Thorell

Xysticus elegans Keyserling

Xysticus ferox (Hentz)

Xysticus fraternus Banks

Xysticus funestus Keyserling

Xysticus gulosus Keysereling

Xysticus locuples Keyserling

Xysticus luctans (L. Koch)

Xysticus montanensis Keyserling

Xysticus nervosus (Emerton)

Xysticus punctatus Keyserling

Xysticus texanus Banks

Xysticus transvertatus Walckenaer

Xysticus triguttatus Keyserling

Xysticus tumefactus (Walckenaer)

Xysticus ulmi (Hahn)


Hyptiotes cavatus (Hentz) Triangle spider

Uloborus diversus Marx

Uloborus glomosus (Walckenaer) Feather-legged spider


Zora pumilus (Hentz)


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