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See respective CFPs for specific submission deadlines. 

The Institute for Comics Studies conducts scholarly sessions that meet in conjunction with several major fan conventions throughout the nation. Due to increasing numbers of submissions, we must be strict about these deadlines.


Which meeting is your submission for?


Multiple submissions are welcome, but we now receive more submissions than we can accept. If we must exclude you from a convention, we would prefer to let you present at your first choice. Therefore, if submitting to more than one of these conventions, please indicate which convention is your first choice in the space below.


Author Information  



Complete mailing address (street/box, city, state/province, ZIP, country


Co-presenters if any - name (affiliation, email),
e.g., Sarah Jane Smith (London Evening Times,, Ian Chesterson (University of Cambridge,

The number of professional passes may be limited. We might need to contact you for additional information regarding co-presenter contributions.


Presentation Information 


What you call your paper is up to you, but we may have to shorten lengthier titles when entering them in the conference program.


Method of presentation: 

Check all acceptable methods, as many or as few options as you like. Please keep in mind that, due to time constraints, we cannot guarantee acceptance if you check only one option. In the past, Wizard World has given us 50 minutes per panel session.


 If you checked more than one method, which would you prefer?

Please note that when we receive too many submissions, some who submit for oral presentations simply must be assigned to make poster presentations or participate on panels that follow round table discussion format.


In the text box provided below, please enter your 100-200 word abstract below.


Please enter your bio of 50-100 words. (Longer is okay, but we may have to trim it for the convention program.)


Your home webpage address (optional):  


Will you need an acceptance letter to be mailed to you in addition to our e-mail confirmation?



Please list A-V equipment you will bring for your presentation, if any. 


Please list A-V equipment you will need us to provide for your presentation if necessary (and practical for us).

Will you do a book signing?          


If yes, enter your information for one book: title, publisher, ISBN, book webpage, convention book or other signing location.



If your paper is accepted, do not pay for convention registration. If you have already paid to attend the convention, we may be able to get that payment refunded to you. Presenters attend the other fan conventions with professional passes, with no registration fee for our academic conference or the associated fan convention.

You MIGHT also bring a guest who can attend with free registration, although this may vary from year to year. A guest pass may not be sold or otherwise transferred to anyone other than the individual whose name appears on it.


Will a guest accompanying you need a complimentary guest pass?



If yes, please enter one guest's full name (as it appears on legal ID) and email address:


Scheduling constraints:

If there are any days when you cannot present at the conference, please specify in this box which days you can NOT attend.




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