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Henderson State University realizes the importance in providing 21st Century learning opportunities to its student and faculty population. Henderson makes use of a Learning Management System (LMS) that is used to deliver synchronous and asynchronous course materials via Fully Online, Partially Online and Enhanced ANGEL courses. 

Henderson uses two Blackboard (Bb) Learn products and well as one TechSmith (TS) product to deliver course content: 

ANGEL LMS 8.0 (Bb) – This powerful LMS supports over 1,300 assorted online, partially online and enhanced courses annually. 

WIMBA Classroom (Bb) – This highly functional synchronous and asynchronous learning tool provides a virtual classroom for students and faculty. Classroom sessions can be archived for later viewing.

Blackboard Collaborate (Bb) - COMING SOON!  WIMBA Classroom, along with Elluminate!, have been purchased by Blackboard.  The very best components of the two products have been combined into one very elegant application:  Blackboard Collaborate.  Sometime in 2014, Henderson will migrate from WIMBA Classroom to Blackboard Collaborate.

Camtasia-Relay (TS) – (Vodcasting) This screen and voice product is used by faculty members to create archived lectures (over Power Point or any other application) that can be viewed by students multiple times. 

Students who wish to register for an online course should be aware that they should already have a certain level of basic computer skills mastered (sending and receiving email, creating documents with a word processing application, experience with accessing information on the web) as well as the self-discipline to login to an online course and complete assignments as needed – without being prompted to do so. Students also need frequent access to a personal computer that has dependable internet connectivity. Henderson provides students access to over 350 personal computers throughout 30 on-campus student computer labs. 

Are you ready for online learning? To find out, go to the ANGEL Login page. The link to the login page is at the top of Or, click here.

The Department of Instructional Technology is part of Academic Affairs. The Department of Instructional Technology is located within the campus MultiMedia Learning Center, Education Center, 1020 Henderson Street. 

Contact Information: 

Jennifer L. Holbrook, MBA
Director of Instructional Technology
(870) 230-5275 |

George T. Finkle III
Online Learning Services Coordinator
(870) 230-5513 |

Jacob Mills
Instructional Technology Support Technician
(870) 230-5846 |

General Computer Questions: 

PC Support
(870) 230-5678

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