Summer Institute Guidelines

  1. Participants will be actively involved in all activities unless a medical excuse is provided. 
  2. Participants will eat breakfast, lunch and dinner. These meals are not optional. 
  3. Participants will be on time and in attendance for all sessions. 
  4. Participants will be respectful to all presenters during each session. Sleeping and talking will not be tolerated.
  5. Visitors of the opposite sex are NOT allowed in the residence hall rooms at any time. Members of the opposite sex may visit the lobby area of the residence hall. 
  6. Participants will be in their rooms no later than midnight each day.
  7. Any participant who drives a vehicle to Henderson State University will leave the keys with a Summer Institute Director. 
  8. Please notify a director if you need to leave campus, and she will make arrangements for transportation. 
  9. Participants are to conduct themselves as young ladies and gentlemen at all times.