Steven Becraft

Professor of Music

As a performing musician, I feel like I'm never finished. There’s always something I can do better, so I'm on this lifelong journey to becoming a better musician. I enjoy sharing that process and all of my experiences.

Steven Becraft considers himself a link in a long legacy of music teachers. As a professor of music specializing in clarinet and saxophone, he is passionate about sharing the process of becoming a better musician with his students who, in turn, keep passing down that experience.

“It is a tremendous legacy to leave behind when a student of a student is shaped by some of the things I’ve been able to share,” Becraft said. “In the music field, we are very conscious of our family tree of teachers. Very specific approaches get handed down. We can trace our pedagogical clarinet and saxophone tree quite a ways back.”

Becraft trains his students to become their own teachers. “I want to make myself obsolete over a four to five year period so the students don’t need me any more,” he said. “By the time they get to their senior recital and graduate, they know how to do what they need to do, and they will be better teachers for their future students.”

Becraft’s mother taught elementary school, so teaching is in his genes. “I grew up in that culture and learned to think like a teacher,” he said. I became passionate about music and it seemed like a natural fit for me to become a musician who teaches.”

Henderson’s music department is very effective at training students how to excel on their main instruments or with their voices and then helping them find a teaching job, Becraft said.

“We are very good about how we go about those things and approach it as a team concept,” he said. “The faculty are always communicating with each other about how our students are doing. I like the fact that we have a cohesive approach within the department.”


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Doctor of Music at Florida State University

Clarinet and Saxophone pedagogy and literature
Trends in classical music marketing and performance

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