Michael Lloyd

Professor of Mathematics

"I want my students to be clear communicators and never give up. Hard work applied intelligently can solve a lot of problems."

Michael Lloyd earned his bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering in 1984. He took advanced calculus his senior year and realized that he preferred the theoretical aspects of engineering more than the applied.

“I almost went into physics after that but decided to study mathematics instead, and I earned a master’s degree in topology,” he said. “I worked on a Ph.D. in applied mathematics, but I decided to earn a doctorate in harmonic analysis and probability theory.”

Lloyd, a professor of mathematics, joined the Henderson faculty in 1993. He had interviewed at other colleges, but Henderson proved to be the best fit.

“I did not want to live in a large city, and my wife did not want to move too far from Kansas,” Lloyd said. “My mathematics department chair said the choice was obvious: Henderson was the best place. My advisor also told me that I was well suited for a small, liberal arts college.”

Lloyd said he enjoys learning and sharing new ideas with his students.

“I hold the students to high standards, giving them opportunities to rework assignments until they get it right,” he said. “They tell me that I am relentless.”

Lloyd said he is most satisfied watching his students mature and become self-sufficient. He wants them to be clear communicators who never give up.

“Hard work applied intelligently can solve a lot of problems,” he said.

Mathematics and statistics have many different “sub-areas” that allow majors to specialize in a variety of fields.

“Students think that you can only teach with a mathematics degree,” Lloyd said. “That is a noble pursuit, and Henderson is well known for graduating outstanding teachers. But our mathematics and statistics majors are also employed in the energy sector, business, manufacturing and entertainment industries.

If he wasn’t teaching mathematics, Lloyd said he would have pursued statistical consulting.

Away from the classroom, Lloyd said his other interests are still mathematical because they involve patterns, structure, order and beauty.

He directs the music at his church and often leads the worship. Lloyd has also played lead guitar, and occasionally bass, for several Christian bands. He currently performs with the band “Breakaway,” which includes his son Noah.

“Our band’s leader usually introduces us when we minister somewhere, but there was one place where the crowd booed when he told them I was a math professor,” Lloyd said. “However, the youth and adults all cheered at a lock-in in Jonesboro because they knew their pastor was a retired high school mathematics teacher.”

Lloyd said he also enjoys carpentry, working on cars and exercising. He also tends to a small garden.

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