Mark Mosser

Assistant Professor of PE, Wellness and Leisure

“I want to teach my students how to teach others, not how to tell others what to do or what they should know.”

Knowing the difference between sport administration and sport management is an important distinction, says Mark Mosser.

“Sport administrators help to ensure the smooth running of a sports organization, which may range from reception work at a local sports club to marketing or human resources at a major sports club,” he said. “Sport management is an industrious field concerning the business aspects of sports and recreation.”

Mosser said sport administration degrees primarily teach the knowledge base and practice for K-12 and university/college athletics.

“Anyone who wants to get into coaching at these levels will need graduate degrees,” he said. “The job competition amongst coaches is intense.

“When you graduate from Henderson’s sport administration program, you are expected to have a larger knowledge base and understanding of current practices in the field. Brand yourself. Your degree will help you stand out from someone who has only undergraduate training.”

Mosser joined the Henderson faculty in 2014, a day after defending his doctorate dissertation at Springfield College in Springfield, Massachusetts.

“I came here primarily because of the weather and the people,” he said. “I am still astonished at how strangers wave to me and ask how I am doing. Plus, I wanted to make a difference with the teacher training here in Arkansas.”

Mosser earned his undergraduate degree in 2003 from Indiana University of Pennsylvania with a double major in health/physical education and physical education and sport. He did graduate work in sport administration/management.

Mosser later taught graduate and undergraduate courses in biology, HPE, psychology and research at Springfield College while working on his Ph.D. in Teaching and Administration.

“I enjoy teaching because, with my philosophy, I can become a great conductor while my students truly lead us where we want to go,” he said. “We focus more on activities and discussions, and far less on lectures and traditional exams.”

Mosser said his teaching philosophy centers on “student-oriented” learning and the “organic” classroom.

“My primary function is to train teachers,” he said. “Practice in this area outweighs theory, in my humble opinion. I need my students to experience everything about teaching before they are asked to teach themselves.

“Therefore, I teach my students how to teach my courses, giving them opportunities to teach college students in the classroom and at Arkadelphia High School.”

Mosser said he enjoys working with his students and colleagues.

“I work in a department dedicated to the growth of our students, and I work with colleagues who always go above and beyond that calling,” he said.

If he had taken a different career path, Mosser said he might have been a Hollywood director.

“I have a strong passion for movies and documentaries, and I even design some of my courses around a ‘viewing component,’” he said.

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Ph.D. in Teaching and Administration, Springfield College, Springfield, Massachusetts

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