Lisa Massey

Instructor of Accounting

Some students don’t know the basics of how to function in a college environment, let alone the business world. By teaching them life skills such as basic dining etiquette and how to build their resumes, I feel like I’m giving them a shot, because there were people who did that for me.

Working at Henderson State seems to run in Lisa Massey’s family. 

Massey’s mother worked in the cafeteria, her father was a carpenter, and her stepfather painted – all at Henderson.

Her first job at Henderson was serving food to students in the cafeteria.

“I’ve been here about three times,” she said. “Henderson definitely has my heart.”

While Massey teaches accounting at Henderson, her undergraduate degree is in management. After graduating from Henderson, she took a job as an accounts payable clerk.

“I actually loved that I could balance things and make them flow where they needed to be,” Massey said. She paid the bills for 10 medical clinics, plus the corporate office.

Massey returned to Henderson and earned 30 upper-level accounting hours. “I couldn’t double degree in the business field, so I couldn’t get a degree in accounting,” she said. “But I have all the hours.”

She passed the CPA exam and finished the M.B.A. program.

Massey had considered a degree in business education, but didn’t want to teach at the high school level. While she worked as an accountant, Massey was asked to teach some seminars for the Arkansas Small Business and Technology Development Center.

“I fell in love with teaching and knew that’s what I wanted to do,” she said. “And I knew that the college level was the level for me.”

Massey said she tries to get to know her students and learn a little about their personalities.

“That way, when I’m using an example in class, I can relate to one of their personal situations or their personal job,” she said. “I feel that giving them real world examples based on their level of understanding drives home the point.”

The job market for accounting majors is wide open right now, Massey said.

“We have public accounting firms that are consistently recruiting year after year,” she said. “Firms tell me it’s not necessarily the 4.0 students who they want. They are looking for prospects involved in organizations or have worked outside of going to college. They want someone who can function as a team member.”

With an accounting degree, “the world is really at their fingertips,” Massey said. “Some students go on to be office managers, controllers, and accountants for corporations. I find that a lot of new graduates go into public accounting and figure out what type of accounting they actually enjoy. Then they move from the public to private sector.”

If she had opted to enter a field other than accounting or management, Massey said it would be anything where she could travel.

“I love to travel. There are so many places to visit,” she said.

Massey uses her traveling experiences in the classroom.

“When you visit different countries or cities, things are different, especially interacting with all kinds of people from different countries,” she said. “You have to adjust and adapt in a new market and understand the culture.” 

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