Kenneth Taylor

Dean of Graduate School

Today, it’s sometimes not just good enough to get a high school diploma or even a bachelor’s degree. In a couple of years, a bachelor’s degree may be equivalent to a high school degree with a gold star on it. You need to do something to gain more skills and knowledge.

Kenneth Taylor believes a person should obtain as much knowledge as possible to succeed. As dean of Henderson State University’s graduate school, Taylor knows that a graduate degree improves the odds of landing the solid, well-paying jobs of the future. 

His goal is to raise the enrollment of graduate students at Henderson while working with department chairs and other deans on campus to develop new programs to better prepare students for the future job market.

“Whether you just earned your bachelor’s degree or you’re a lifelong learner, you need to go and further your degree options and put yourself in line for things that may come up down the road,” Taylor said. “If you are a teacher and you one day want to be a building principal, then you need to get your educational leadership degree.”

Taylor’s mother was a teacher, his grandmother was a principal, his father taught ROTC, and he married into a family of educators. But it was Taylor’s uncle who have him “the best piece of advice” for choosing a career.

“He asked me what would I do for free. I thought about it, and I said ‘teach.’ He said ‘well, that’s what you need to go do. You won’t be motivated by the money, but you’ll be motivated because that’s what you want to do.’”

Taylor was an associate professor of curriculum & instruction at Henderson before he became graduate school dean. But he continues to teach. He follows the same philosophy he had when teaching social studies at the public school level.

“I try very hard to make connections with the content I’m teaching to real life experiences the students encounter today,” Taylor said. “It makes it more realistic.”

Taylor’s love for golf also influences his teaching methods. “It definitely inspires ideas. In golf, you have to have patience, rhythm, and tempo,” he said. “If you go too fast, you can mess up.”

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