Henderson State University is grateful for the generous support of alumni, friends, corporations and foundations it receives to achieve its goals.

The department mission is to strengthen and advance the relationships between Henderson and its alumni, friends and students. It is through these connections that the university is enriched and supported.

Support of Henderson State University’s mission, whether in the form of a financial gift or by continued involvement with HSU, yields an unparalleled return on investment for our many benefactors. Through these lifelong relationships, alumni and friends of Henderson deepen and enrich their ties to HSU and to the students the university serves.

Annual Fund

The Annual Fund is a critical program for Henderson State University. It provides resources for scholarships and financial aid, making it vital for the support of students. Because the Annual Fund is unrestricted, it also serves to enhance resources such as facility improvements, academic programming, technology upgrades, and cultural events—all of which keep Henderson State University competitive and on the forefront of academic excellence.

Ringin’ Reddies

We are Henderson students showing our Reddie pride by sharing the news of the university with alumni while giving them the opportunity to support a shared cause—Henderson State University. 


Donations to Henderson State University are fully tax-deductible as allowed by law. Cash and check donations are accepted. Mail to: Henderson Foundation, HSU Box 7550, Arkadelphia, AR 71999

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 The educational experience at Henderson State has provided me the opportunity to meet some very notable members of its faculty, who have made themselves available as well as having given me the necessary tools to succeed here.These faculty members have left an indelible print on my life and have influenced me in my efforts to achieve academic excellence here at Henderson.

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Alphonso GrantBachelor of Arts - Political Science, Senior
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