Davis-Baker Preschool

The Davis-Baker Preschool (formerly known as the Child Service Center) provides quality preschool experiences for community three and four-year-olds at minimal cost to parents or guardians. The preschool is operated through Teachers College, Henderson's Department of Family and Consumer Sciences in collaboration with the Department of Curriculum and Instruction.

The Davis-Baker Preschool is staffed by a director, a full-time child care professional, and two graduate assistants. The preschool is a clinical site for candidates seeking a Bachelor of Science degree in Family and Consumer Sciences, specialization in Child Care Management; a Bachelor of Science degree in Early Childhood Development; or a Bachelor of Science degree in Early Childhood Education. As a result, children receive the best in early childhood educational experiences. The program is recognized by the State of Arkansas and is accredited by Arkansas Better Beginnings.

The Davis-Baker Preschool Program and endowed scholarship was established to honor the work of Dr. Pam Davis and Mrs. Beverly Baker for their commitment, dedication and contributions to Henderson State University's Early Childhood and the Family and Consumer Sciences programs. Their work has impacted thousands of children and families in the Clark County area while instilling best practices to countless Early Childhood and Family and Consumer Sciences majors at Henderson State University.


Holly Schultz
Administrative Assistant
Davis-Baker Preschool 
1020 Henderson Street #7724
Arkadelphia, Arkansas 71999-7724
(870) 230-5260