Reynolds Science Center

Department of Chemistry

Dr. John T. Long, Chair
Denise Cordova, Administrative Assistant
Reynolds Science Center 
Rm. 113B
(870) 230-5162

The Program

The goal of our department is to produce graduates with a true liberal arts education which prepares them to be good citizens and "professionals". Our purpose is to train students to enter industry, graduate school, or professional school with a background that will allow them to succeed.


The Faculty

Our professors specialization in the different areas of chemistry provide a broad and complete coverage of all areas of chemistry. This allows professors to teach in their areas of specialty and provide excellent instruction in each classroom. It also allows students during their undergraduate research to work with a faculty member who is researching in an area that interests the student. With so much research and experience under your belt, combined with training from our faculty, your future in chemistry will be one with countless opportunities.

Chemistry Department Faculty 

The Results

Students graduating with a Chemistry major from our department have exciting opportunities in industry, education, or government agencies. Employment opportunities include important areas such as environmental protection, pharmaceutical research, instrumentation, energy research, forensic chemistry, and the traditional areas of basic research and development. Chemists are needed in all of these areas due to a decline in graduating B.S. chemists in the past number of years. Graduate school is also an option and is an important second step in preparing a student to be an effective researcher. Over the years students graduating from HSU have had excellent success in acceptance to graduate school, while many others have been successful in industry and government agencies.

Many opportunities in the health professions such as medicine, veterinary medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, medical technology, optometry, radiological technology, and others exist. HSU graduates have done well in professional schools.

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Christi's chemistry and pre-med preparation at Henderson took her on to graduate school in pharmacology and a great job in her field.

Christi Quarles SmithBachelor of Science - Chemistry, 2007
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