Bachelor of Integrated Studies

The BIS program (formerly Bachelor of General Studies (BGS)) is designed to utilize university resources in developing a personalized, challenging plan of study. Interdisciplinary in nature, the student is required to develop a thorough understanding of integrating two or more disciplines into a meaningful program leading to advancement into the professional world or to graduate study. While requiring substantial investment on the part of the student, the program places a high priority on academic advising. Each student will work closely with an assigned advisor from the introductory course through to the Senior Seminar.

BIS students will make formal application upon entering the program. During their first semester, they will enroll inBIS2003 or 3003/Introduction to Integrated Studies. As part of that course, the student will develop a Statement of Purpose which will act as a guide for the plan of study. Until successfully completing this course, all students in the program will be considered conditionally admitted. In developing the plan of study, students are reminded that at least 42 hours must be taken at the junior and/or senior level. A maximum of seven hours of “D” will be accepted in the LAC and elective area, but a grade of “C” or better is required in all other areas.

Degree Requirements (120 hours in total)

Liberal Arts Core  (45 hours)

Critical Thinking/Technology (12 hours; student must take minimum of one course from each area)

BIS2003 or 3003/Introduction to Integrated Studies (3 hours)

BIS4003/Senior Seminar (3 hours)

(Note BIS2003/3003 may not be taken concurrent with BIS4003)

Electives (12 hours)

Program Options: Choose one

Option 1:         

Emphasis Area coursework from either 2 areas split (45 hours)

30 credits/15 credits or 3 areas of 15 credits each

Possible Focus Areas



Education A (EDE/EDU/EDM/SPE)

Education B (HPE/HPR/ATP)

English/Foreign Language/Philosophy

Family and Consumer Sciences

Fine Arts (no more than 3 areas)

Mathematics and Computer Science

Military Science




Social Sciences

Interdisciplinary (Courses to be selected by student and advisor, with approval of advisor. Maximum of 15 hours in Interdisciplinary studies.)

 Option 2:              

Coursework in two or more disciplines from among or across the categories listed below (45 hours)

NOTE: students should limit their study to no more than 2 disciplines from each of two categories.

Natural Sciences:

Biological Sciences (Biology/Botany, Zoology)

Physical Sciences    (Chemistry, Physics)


Social Sciences:




Political Science




Art/Art History


Literature and Language

Music and Music Education


Applied Fields:




Mass Media

Criminal Justice

Computer Science


Physical Education



Family and Consumer Sciences

Human Services

Military Science 

Option 3:              

Coursework representing at least 2 disciplines arranged thematically (45 hours)

(NOTE: A Proposal will be developed by the student with the assistance of the advisor and approved by the Director)

Beginning Fall 2017 ALL students earning a Bachelor of Integrated Studies must complete the following classes. 

Note: This requirements does NOT apply to students who formally declared their B.I.S. program status prior to Fall 2017. 

ISD2003/3003: Introduction to Integrated Studies (3 credits). Introduces the student to the concept of integrated studies and guides him/her through the process of developing a degree plan based on areas of interest. One of the requirements for this on-line course is the development of a statement of purpose, which will articulate the student’s reason for majoring in integrated studies and, in turn, guide in the development of the degree plan. Students will also develop an e-portfolio, and (if taking this course at the 3000 level), a capstone project. The student will be considered a conditionally admitted major until successful completion of this course.

ISD4033: Senior Seminar in Integrated Studies (3 credits). The capstone course for the IS degree. It is usually taken during the final semester before graduation. ISD2003/3003 is a prerequisite. ISD4033 may not be taken concurrently with ISD2003/3003. This on-line course will guide students through the final stages of the capstone project, help them complete the e-portfolio, and help them prepare for graduation. As part of the capstone project, students will present a public defense, adjudicated by a faculty committee that is selected by students based on certain guidelines.