Financial Aid Appeal Process

A student with extenuating circumstances may submit an appeal as indicated in the instructions below. Examples of extenuating circumstances include: Student suffered serious illness, injury, or disability; loss due to natural disaster; involuntary call to active military duty; victim of crime or abuse; significant breakdown of family relationship or serious illness, injury or death of immediate family member.

Instructions for Submitting Appeals

Submit appeal letter and all supporting documentation to the Financial Aid Office or to this email: Email subject line must contain your name and APPEAL (e.g., John Doe APPEAL). Scanners for copies of documentation are located in the Huie Library. Documentation is required and must be submitted with your appeal letter, not separately.

  • The appeal letter must be typed and explain the reason for not meeting satisfactory progress requirements for federal financial aid eligibility. The following questions should be answered as applicable.
    • Why were the required number of hours not completed?
    • Why was the required GPA not satisfied?
    • Why was the degree not completed within the maximum timeframe?
  • The appeal letter must state the semester of desired reinstatement.
  • The appeal letter must explain how the student's situation has changed in a way that will allow for improved academic performance in the future.
  • Documentation must be submitted to confirm any extenuating circumstances that prevented the student from meeting satisfactory progress requirements. Federal guidelines Do Not permit appeals to be approved without documentation including specific dates and time periods. Documentation may include, but is not limited to the following:
  • Statement from medical or mental health provider, on letterhead and signed, that confirms your medical condition and that you are able to return to school without restrictions.
  • Death certificate or obituary.
  • Court documents, police reports, insurance damage reports.
  • Letters from clergy or lawyer on letterhead and signed.
  • Letters from faculty, advisor, or others who are aware of your situation; must be signed and include name, title, address and telephone number.
  • Copy of application for graduation if filed and signed by Registrar.
  • The appeal letter must be signed and dated.
  • At the bottom of the appeal letter, include printed name, student ID number (not HSU login), complete mailing address, and anticipated graduation date.

Please Note: Submitting an appeal does NOT guarantee your aid will be reinstated. If your appeal is approved, you will be notified by email and given a probationary semester. At the end of the probationary semester you must meet all standards of the Satisfactory Progress Policy, or you must meet all conditions set by the Committee. The Committee's decision will be sent to your Henderson email address. All decisions of the Appeals Committee are final. There is no further appeals process.