Undergraduate Admission Requirements

Henderson State University Admissions Office
HSU Box 7560
Arkadelphia, AR 71999
Phone (local): 870-230-5028
Phone (1-800): 800-228-7333
Fax: 870-230-5055
Email: admissions@hsu.edu

Undergraduate Admission Requirements

Applying to Henderson State is easy! Prospective students need only submit an application online along with the following materials (see below). Students may apply to be admitted at the beginning of fall and spring semesters or at the beginning of either summer term. All admission materials must be submitted to the Admissions Office before the student can be admitted to the university. The deadline for admission to the university is one week prior to the start of the intended academic semester/term. Students who submit their application after this deadline will be admitted for the following academic semester/term. See academic calendar for important semester/term dates. 

American College Test (ACT) or Alternate Scores (e.g., SAT)

  • 19 or Above Composite ACT with > 3.25 Un-weighted GPA = Unconditional Admission
  • 19 Composite ACT with < 3.25 Un-weighted GPA = Conditional Admit Status
  • 16 – 18 Composite ACT (regardless of GPA) = Conditional Admit Status
  • < 15 Composite ACT (regardless of GPA) = Not Eligible for Admission
  • Prospective students over the age of 21 may submit ACCUPLACER scores in place of ACT or SAT. The ACCUPLACER may be taken at Henderson State’s on-campus testing center.

*Henderson State does not accept super-scoring. No application fee applies for applicants within the United States. 

Official Transcripts

  • First Time Freshmen: Students entering college for the first time must provide an official high school transcript, GED certificate, or home-schooled transcript.
  • Transfer Students: Students with prior college level work must submit transcripts from ALL previously attended institutions of higher learning. All previously transcripted grades (except for remedial courses) will be used to determine Henderson’s transfer admission eligibility on the basis of GPA. Please note however that transfer work will not be calculated into the Henderson GPA. The Admissions Office will require official transcripts for transfer students applying for admission until four (4) weeks before classes begin for intended entry term. However, unofficial transcripts will be temporarily accepted during the four (4) weeks prior to the start of term. Students who are admitted based on unofficial transcripts during this time must submit official copies before the end of Week 1 of term, or be dropped from all enrolled classes. 
  • Acceptable Transcript Formats: Only official copies of transcripts will be accepted. Students may choose to have transcripts mailed directly from the originating institution to the Admissions Office at Henderson State or hand deliver a paper copy personally. Paper transcripts that are not signed and sealed in an envelope clearly marked by the originating institution will not be accepted. Alternatively students may choose to have their transcripts delivered electronically. 

A Certificate of Immunization

  • All students attending classes on-campus at Henderson State are required to submit proof of M.M.R vaccination before beginning their first semester. The appropriate form can be found on the Student Health Center website. Students who do not submit the form by this deadline will be given 30 days to do so, or provide evidence that an application for exception has been filed with the State of Arkansas. 

Undergraduate Admission Requirements for Transfer Students