Remedial Enrollment Policy

New students will be notified during the admission process if remediation is required. Students in need of remediation must consistently be enrolled in such courses until all are completed. Students receiving an Arkansas Challenge Scholarship MUST complete all remediation within the first 30 attempted credit hours (typically one academic year). Failure to progress to completion of remedial courses can result in loss of scholarship funds and/or suspension from the university. 

Students in need of remediation will be limited to enrolling in 15 credit hours until all remedial courses are completed with a “C” grade or better. Students are not permitted to enroll in upper division courses (i.e., 3000/4000 level) until all remediation is complete. Remedial courses do not count toward graduation and grades earned will not contribute to cumulative GPA. However, the grades for remedial courses will be computed in the semester/term GPA and will thus apply accordingly to academic standing. Students enrolled in remedial courses may drop/withdraw without instructor permission. The regular university drop/withdraw deadlines will apply. Students are encouraged to discuss enrollment decisions in advance with an academic advisor.

Test Scores Requiring Remediation

Test scores within the following ranges will require that the student complete the corresponding remedial course. To avoid completing remediation, incoming students must submit scores above what is listed below. ACCUPLACER scores were not established before publication of the 2016-2017 Academic Catalog. Please visit with the Admission Office for more information. 

         ENG 0423 Basic English

         ACT: 0 – 18

         Old SAT: 0 – 460

         New SAT: 0 - 279

         ACCUPLACER (Sentence Skills): 50 - 82

         COMPASS (Writing): 0 – 79

         RDG 0043 Academic Reading

         ACT: 0 – 18

         Old SAT: 0 – 460

         New SAT: 0 - 279

         ACCUPLACER (Reading Comp.): 67 - 77

         COMPASS (Reading): 0 – 82

         MTH 0003 Elementary Algebra

         ACT: 0 – 16

         Old SAT: 0 – 390

         New SAT: 0 - 430


Elementary Algebra: 57 - 66

College Math: 22 - 31

         COMPASS: 0 – 25

         MTH 0013 Intermediate Algebra

         ACT: 17 – 19

         Old SAT: 400 – 460

         New SAT: 440 - 500

         ACCUPLACER (College Math): 32 - 41

         COMPASS: 26-41