Double Majors and Awarding Two Degrees

A student is not required to earn more than 120 semester credit hours when earning two majors. A student may earn two majors awarded under the same degree provided the following requirements are met:

1.)    All requirements for both majors are completed at the time of graduation.

2.)    Both majors are appropriate for the degree being earned.

Students who desire to earn two undergraduate degrees must earn a minimum of 30 credits beyond the 120 required for the first degree (total of 150 credit hours). Furthermore, 30 credit hours must be earned in residence at Henderson State University for each degree (60 total hours in residence for two degrees). Student may not major and minor in exactly the same subject area. 

*Note: Students earning a double major or a double degree (e.g., B.A. and B.S. simultaneously) are not required to fulfill the minor requirement.