Academic Standing

Academic Probation 

A student will be placed on probation when the cumulative grade point average (GPA) falls below 2.00. The student will remain on probation until the cumulative GPA is raised to 2.00 or above. Students on academic probation will be electronically flagged for future registration purposes. Students will be notified of their probation status through their email. While on probation students will be limited to enrolling in 15 credit hours and blocked from online registration. Registration will take place in the presence of a professional advisor until the student returns to good standing. 

The Advising Center will contact those students who pre-registered for more than 15 credit hours before being placed on probation. Limitations on course load may be subject to slight changes with Registrar approval on the basis of scholarship requirements. The student and professional advisor will make appropriate changes to the course schedule. Students on probation who do not meet with a professional advisor will nevertheless be dropped to 15 hours prior to the start of the subsequent semester.

Academic Suspension 

If while on probation the GPA for a subsequent semester is below 2.00 the student will be placed on academic suspension. The first suspension period will be one semester. The second time a student is suspended the suspension period will last one calendar year. The third suspension will result in the student being dismissed permanently from Henderson State University. After the suspension period has ended students wishing to return to the university must apply for readmission (see the readmission procedure within this catalog). Coursework completed at another institution while on suspension from HSU will be evaluated for possible transfer credit.

Appeals for Academic Suspension 

Each time a student is placed on academic suspension there exists an opportunity to appeal. What is being appealed is not the suspension itself, but rather the privilege to return to classes rather than sitting out during the suspension period. If granted, the student will return to classes on probation status. However, the academic transcript will maintain a record of the original suspension status. All limitations outlined above for students on probation will apply. Probational readmission by the committee does not guarantee continuation of eligibility for financial aid. Appeals will be heard by the Admissions and Adjustments Committee at the start and end of each fall and spring semester. Students placed on suspension will receive an email (sent to their address) with instructions and dates for appeal hearings.

Academic Standing During Summer Terms 

Summer classes are not considered in the application of suspension or reinstatement. However, students will be placed on probation or removed from probation based upon the cumulative GPA at the end of each summer grading period.

*For information regarding how grade changes are processed in relation to probation and suspension status see the Grade Change, Grade Disputes, and Late Grade policy sections of this catalog.