Bachelor of Integrated Studies

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The BIS program is designed to utilize existing university resources in developing a personalized, challenging plan of study.  The focus of the degree is interdisciplinarity,  the integration of knowledge and methodology from two or more disciplines. Students most suitable to the BIS program are those who 1) want to pursue a unique field of study not currently in the regular curricular offerings, 2) are undecided about career goals and wish to pursue various university resources to help them in finding a more specific path to follow; 3) desire an education motivated by self-interest with no specific intent to use the degree for career purposes; or 4) who need a degree to advance in their chosen profession or to go on to graduate school, but the type of degree is not specified by their employer or graduate program of choice.  While empowered to make many curricular decisions themselves, students in the BIS program work closely with their advisors to ensure they graduate with those skills critical to the mission of Henderson State University.

The plan of study for each student must be developed with an advisor and approved before officially registering as a BIS student. 

A minimum of 15 semester hours of credit must be earned after a student has enrolled in the Bachelor of Integrated Studies program, in order for the student to be qualified and eligible to receive the BIS degree (the 15 credit clock will not start until the following semester for those changing their majors after midterm). These 15 hours do not supersede the Henderson residing policy.  In developing the plan of study, students are reminded that at least 42 hours must be taken at the junior and/or senior level.  A maximum of seven hours of “D” will be accepted in the LAC and elective area, but a grade of “C” or better is required in all other areas.

Degree Requirements

Liberal Arts Core (45 hours)                                                                                               

Critical Thinking/Technology (12 hours)

  • Students must take courses from at least 2 different areas. 

Areas of Emphases (15 hours each; Total 45 hours) 

  • Students must have at least 15 hours from a single discipline but no more than 30 from one emphasis area. 

Electives (to complete 120-hour degree)

Emphasis Areas: (15 hours each)



Education A (EDE/EDU/EDM/SPE)

Education B (HPE/HPR/ATP)

English/Foreign Language/Philosophy

Family and Consumer Sciences

Fine Arts (no more than 3 areas)

Mathematics and Computer Science

Military Science



Sciences (all areas)

Social Sciences (History, Political Science, Geography)

Writing Intensive Requirement 

Students must complete a total of 1 writing intensive courses (WI) representing one of the chosen emphasis areas.