Conditional Admission Status

Henderson State University’s core value of success is founded on our longstanding commitment to helping students understand the dimensions of what successful university-level education requires. The conditional admission program underscores our commitment and reflects the commitment we expect students to make toward their education in return. Students are admitted conditionally to Henderson State University due to ACT scores (or equivalent) being below the minimum for unconditional admission. In order to help HSU best support our long tradition of academic success, it is expected that students admitted conditionally will make the following commitments during their first academic year and subsequent summer:

Note: Newly admitted students may only enter the conditional program during fall semester. Spring admits who do not qualify for unconditional admission will be required to wait until fall to start classes. 

  • I may enroll in a maximum of 13 hours during the fall term and 15 hours during the spring term, which my professional advisor will select and register for me, and I must earn a 2.0 cumulative GPA or better by the end of the academic year.
  • I may not change my schedule (add or drop courses) without the express written permission of my professional advisor.
  • I must complete all required remedial courses with a grade of C or better and earn a total of 10 credit-bearing hours in order to enroll the following academic year. I will only be able to extend my conditional status into the summer if I earn a 2.0 GPA or better by the end of spring semester.
  • If I am suspended, I must reapply for admission to Henderson State University.  Readmission will require a 2.0 cumulative GPA or better, earned for 12 credit-bearing hours (this does not include remedial classes), from another institution after being suspended from HSU. I must have also passed all my remedial classes with a “C” or better before returning to Henderson.
  • I am required to attend tutoring sessions for all remedial courses in which I am enrolled and provide written proof to my professional advisor. My professional advisor may require I attend tutoring for any additional course in which I am not maintaining a “C” (2.00 GPA). I understand that if I do not attend tutoring as required, then I may be withdrawn and suspended from the university at any time.
  • I must meet with my professional advisor every week or as required by my advisor.
  • I further understand that I may be withdrawn from the university and suspended at any time if I do not abide by the attendance policy set forth by my instructors as outlined in their course syllabi.
  • If my Math ACT score is 16 or below, I understand that after passing MTH 0003 I have the option to complete MTH 1033 rather than MTH 0013. However, if I then do not pass MTH 1033 I will be required to either retake MTH 1033 or pass MTH 0013 by the end of the second summer session or be suspended. The required cumulative GPA of > 2.0 by the end of spring semester will still apply.

Students who do not meet these conditions will be suspended from Henderson State University until such time as they have fulfilled the requirements for readmission. Students may appeal the suspension if they believe extenuating circumstances prevented success. Meeting the conditions above does not guarantee federal financial aid.