What Can I Do With a Major in Public Administration?

Henderson State University offers a Bachelor of Arts in Public Administration

Marketable Skills

  • A theoretical foundation and practical skills in leadership for public, community, and non-profit organizations.
  • An awareness of ethical issues in public service.
  • A comprehensive knowledge of the historical, social, political, and economic contexts with which public leaders work.
  • Leadership and administrative skills in public policymaking, budgeting, and personnel.
  • Ability to work on and manage teams
  • Public Speaking
  • Research skills
  • Organization

Related Career Titles

  • Accountant
  • Administrator
  • Assistant City Manager
  • Assistant Director
  • Assistant to the Mayor
  • Assistant/Associate Professor
  • Attorney
  • Auditor
  • Branch Director
  • Budget Analyst
  • Bureau Chief
  • Business Analyst
  • Business Manager
  • Center Coordinator
  • Chamber of Commerce President
  • Chief Executive Officer
  • Chief Financial Officer
  • Chief of Operations
  • Chief of Party
  • Chief of Police
  • City Manager
  • City Planner
  • Clerk of the Superior Court
  • Clinic Manager
  • Community Affairs
  • Community Health Educator
  • Community Outreach Coordinator  
  • Congressperson
  • Consultant
  • Coordinator of Risk Resources  
  • Council Member
  • Crime Analyst
  • Dean
  • Department Chair
  • Director of Administration
  • Director of City Manager Relations
  • Director of Communications
  • Director of Education/Certification
  • Director of Government Relations
  • Director of Human Resources
  • Director of International Activities
  • Director of Publishing
  • Director of Strategic Marketing & Communications
  • Economic Developer
  • Employment Specialist
  • Environmental Health Deputy Administrator
  • Equal Opportunity Specialist
  • Executive Assistant
  • Executive Director
  • Facilities Inspection Specialist
  • Financial Management Specialist
  • Financial Planner
  • Fire Captain
  • Fiscal Policy Analyst
  • Foreign Service Officer
  • General Manager
  • Government Manager
  • Grant Manager
  • Health Promotion Specialist
  • Health Systems Improvement Project Manager
  • Healthcare Administrator
  • Housing Director
  • Infant Mortality Educator
  • Information Specialist
  • Information Systems Manager
  • Information Technology Planner
  • Intergovernmental Affairs Manager
  • Investigations Assistant
  • Juvenile Crime/Alcohol & Drug Prevention Coordinator
  • Lead Economic Analyst
  • Lecturer
  • Legislative Administration
  • Lobbyist
  • Lung Association Program Coordinator
  • Management & Budget Analyst
  • Management Consultant
  • Management Specialists          
  • Manager for Academic Technology
  • Marketing Director
  • Municipal Management Consultant
  • Non-Profit Manager
  • Office Administrator
  • Outpatient Clinic Services Director
  • Owner
  • Performance Auditor
  • Personnel Analyst
  • Personnel Director
  • Police Commander
  • Policy Analyst
  • Political Analyst
  • Political Consultant
  • President
  • Probation Officer
  • Program Analyst
  • Project Manager
  • Public Affairs Director
  • Public Health Manager
  • Public Works Director
  • Purchasing Director
  • Quality Assurance Specialist
  • Recreation Coordinator
  • Research Analyst & Policy Advisor
  • Research Associate
  • Research Project Manager
  • Senior Government Relations Representative
  • Senior Intelligence Analyst
  • Senior Manager
  • Senior Research Specialist
  • Software Consultant
  • Supervisor of Fugitive Services
  • Support Systems Analyst Senior
  • Teacher  
  • Territory Manager
  • Town Center Development Director
  • Training Developer Instructor
  • Urban Planner
  • Volunteer Programs Coordinator

Potential Employers

  • Administration
  • Alumni Societies
  • Business Firms/ Corporations
  • Civic Organizations
  • Civil Rights Organizations
  • Clinics
  • County Government
  • Courts
  • Drug Prevention Centers
  • Federal, State and Local Government
  • Financial institutions
  • Foundations
  • Healthcare Management
  • Historical Societies
  • Hospitals
  • Hotels
  • Human Resources Departments
  • Intergovernmental Agencies (e.g., United Nations)
  • Law Firms
  • Libraries
  • Lobbying Organizations
  • Museums
  • Non-profit Organizations
  • Nursing Homes
  • Outpatient Clinics
  • Philanthropic Organizations
  • Political Parties
  • Public Relations Offices
  • Restaurants
  • Retail Stores
  • School Districts
  • Social Services
  • Special Interest Groups


  • An undergraduate degree in Public Administration, with the appropriate experience, is sufficient for entry-level positions in government and business.
  • A graduate degree in public administration, public health administration, or business administration helps prepare students for management and upper-level positions. Research programs in order to choose specializations or concentrations of interest.
  • Consider law school for careers in upper-level politics, administration, or management. Explore joint J.D. and M.P.A. programs to see if they meet your career goals.
  • Obtain a broad liberal arts background including written and verbal communication, research, and language skills.
  • Part-time, summer, internship, and volunteer experiences are extremely helpful to find positions in government affairs, nonprofit organizations, or public service areas.
  • Develop strong leadership skills; run for office in clubs and organizations in school or community.  Volunteer to organize or lead an event or project.
  • Get involved in Student Government. Assist with campus, local, or national campaigns to gain experience and build relationships.
  • Demonstrate interest/involvement in community affairs and events.
  • Join related professional organizations such as the American Society of for Public Administration (ASPA).
  • Build a strong personal network through informal contacts. Political connections are helpful for appointed positions.  Most agencies respond to professional connections.
  • Expect keen competition for federal positions. Prepare yourself with a strong academic background and good experience. Seek the classes and experiences that will best prepare you.
  • Develop patience, persistence, and drive in obtaining government positions.
  • Explore application to government internship programs specifically for college students, such as the Pathways Program at the federal level.
  • Research websites that address various government job opportunities, pay structure, and hiring processes.
  • Consider military experience and training or the Peace Corps as an entryway into government jobs and public service.
  • Plan on following a flexible career path to higher positions.  Many people begin on the clerical or entry level in order to gain experience and network.  

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