This section contains links to free, web-based solutions all designed to help you prepare and practice for your next job interview.

My Interview Simulator:  This site allows you to simulate a mock interview with over 100 questions organized in categories and sets.  The system doesn't record your responses, but it does feature audio prompts along with text-based tips for responding to each question. It does require Flash.  Job seekers can sign up for a free account that gives access to this online interviewing practice system. With a computer webcam and microphone, you can record your responses to five typical interview questions.  The site also features a 60-second video introduction format that you can record, save, and share on your social networking profiles. 

Quizlet An overall good study tool, this site offers sets of online flashcards covering a range of study topics, including job interviews.  In addition to question prompts, there are tips to help you frame your responses.  This set of behavioral interview questions uses the STAR approach:  Simulation/Task, Action taken, and Results.   

Mock Interviews:  Don't forget that the Center for Career Development can conduct mock interviews and video record them. Call the Center to set up an appointment at 870-230-5442 or email

DIY:  If none of these options appeal to you, enlist a friend, family member, classmate, professor, or tutor to conduct a mock session with in you in person, on the phone, or online using free tools such as Skype or Google Hangouts. The more you use technology to practice, the better prepared you will be if you encounter an online or telephone interview. See under the video section for tips on how to prepare for a webcam interview.