Frequently Asked Questions

How do I find the name of my advisor?

Log in to CampusConnect from myHenderson. Your major and advisor are listed in several places. Under the “demographic” section you can email your advisor. Please note your selected major is listed. If this is not correct go to the Registrar’s Office to change your major.

Where do I go to change my major?

Go to the Registrar’s Office, 2nd floor Womack Hall, to change your major.

I am unsure about my major. What should I do?

If you are unsure about the major you have chosen or have not yet chosen a major, schedule an appointment with the Academic Advising Center. The staff will be happy to assist you. You may be required to complete a “Do What You Are” personality assessment prior to being advised. Contact the Advising Center to schedule an appointment 870-230-5077.

To keep my scholarship, what GPA and hours do I need to maintain?

Scholarship requirements can be found on the Financial Aid website. You may also wish to visit with the Financial Aid staff, Womack Hall, 2nd floor. Or, give them a call 870.230.5148.

How many hours are considered full-time?

12 hours is full time.

What is the difference between academic probation and academic suspension?

A student will be placed on academic probation whenever his/her cumulative GPA falls below 2.00. A student once placed on probation who does not make at least a 2.00 average during a semester shall be suspended for one semester. A student who has returned on probation following a period of academic suspension or who has been reinstated by the Admissions and Adjustments Committee shall earn at least a 2.00 average each semester while on probation in order to continue as a student. A second suspension will be for one calendar year. If a student is suspended for a combination of three times for academic reasons at this institution, or any other, he/she will be dismissed from the university.

What is the difference between a semester GPA and a cumulative GPA?

The Cumulative GPA is the grade point average of all college courses undertaken at Henderson State University (HSU). A Semester GPA is the grade point average of the courses undertaken in a specific semester at HSU.

How can I figure my GPA?

Using the Academic Advising Center's GPA Calculator to figure your GPA. If you still need assistance talk with your advisor or visit with the Registrar’s Office.