Deepak Pant, Ph.D. - Dr. Pant directs the Henderson State University Writing Center. His teaching and research areas are writing center theory and practice, rhetoric and composition, literacy studies, and second language writing. He advocates the use of narrative inquiry as a research methodology and believes that students can enhance their critical thinking and research skills by writing from their lived experiences. He has master's degrees in English literature from Tribhuvan University and TESOL from West Virginia University. His PhD is in Composition and TESOL from the Indiana University of Pennsylvania

Assistant Director

John McManus

John McManus - John is a graduate student in the MLA program studying Literature. He majored in English for his undergrad degree. He intends to pursue a Ph. D. in Medieval Literature. In his free time, John enjoys spending time with his friends, reading, playing the latest video games, and singing his church choir.

Graduate Tutors

Alex Arce - Alex is a graduate student pursuing a dual Counseling degree in Clinical Mental Health and School Counseling. As an undergrad, he majored in Psychology with a minor in Spanish        and Business Administration here at Henderson State University and is currently working as a Qualified Behavioral Health Professional at a K-4 Primary School. He plans to pursue his counseling licenses in Arkansas upon graduation. In his free time, Alex enjoys listening to music, playing board games, and being around family and friends. Alex’s favorite thing about English is working on APA citations and is most passionate about research papers.

Rachel Kelly

Rachel Kelley - Rachel is a graduate student pursuing an MLA degree in English literature. As an undergraduate, she majored in English with minors in History and Spanish. In her free time, Rachel enjoys reading, quoting literature in everyday conversations, and collecting literary-themed clothing. She is also a huge Star Trek fan.

Grant Reimers

Grant Reimers - Grant is a graduate student in the Master of Liberal Arts (MLA) program. As an undergraduate, he majored in social science education, and he is currently certified to teach high school English and History. In the Writing Center, Grant is one of the Chicago style specialists. His favorite parts of the writing process are brainstorming and thesis construction. Outside his main areas of study, Grant enjoys zoology, engineering, and hydrology. He likes to read books, listen to bagpipes, collect coins, and play ping-pong. 


Undergraduate Tutors


  • Tristan Pacheco - Tristan is pursuing his bachelor’s degree in the field of aviation to be a professional pilot. He also has a great appreciation for language; he is minoring in Spanish and enjoys the challenges behind understanding the rhetorical and grammatical obscurities in his native tongue. Though not related directly to his line of work, communication, both written and verbal, is important for everyone; thus, to him, sharing his knowledge of English is both important and enjoyable. Of note are his additional interests in astrodynamics, astronomy and video games.
    Haley Johnson
  • Haley Johnson - Haley is an undergraduate pursuing a degree in Digital Art and Design. She loves reading fiction, watching action movies, and writing poems. In her spare time, she knits, plays video games, repurposes plastic bags, and goes on outdoor adventures.